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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I use antlers in all of my decorating!

Check out the email I got today!
Dear Nathan,

I wrote you some months ago about presentation of your Flash works on a small festival in Slovenia... the festival couldn't happen sooner, but now it's ready!
I'm sending you a programme and a poster.

Thank you again for your cooperation,
best regards,



First of all, YAY! I've never been in a film festival before. Even a tiny one!
I've tried to get into the PLATFORM animation festival a couple of times but they always seem to reject my entry. Probably due to my stuff being very low quality compared to the great stuff there. Same goes for the TGSNT online animation festival. I just got no chance.

The best and coolest part about this IS I have in it with some animators I absolutely love love love! Andrei Bakhurin the guy who runs the SkaryDolls website and made one of my most favorite cartoons ever: Los Dias Sin Dias. He also made a badass cartoon called The Black The White where a chessboard becomes a crazy action movie.
Also Steve Whitehouse is in the competition.
The Hoogerbrugge guy is also in the festival. They make lots of really neat interactive flash cartoons where you can click on the stuff in the cartoon as it animated.
Steve Whitehouse who's made tons of weird and very cool experimental flash animations and the Mr.Man cartoon series about this cute little banana-looking guy who participates in various activities. Neil Cicierga is also in the festival, apparently.

Of my cartoons they are showing the original Haus of Fahts (which I need to finish the next two episodes of), Factory Thing (a cartoon about a pie factory I made), and Thats Your Horoscope for Today which is my big underwhelming fan flash made to the Weird Al song of the same name. To this date, my only popular cartoon, heh. Which is a bit of a shame as it only has a few chunks of any actual animation in it.

Speaking of animation, I finished that short animation practice I posted in my last blog post. You can watch the finished short short short cartoon HERE.

Some of you (all 4 of you) might have noticed I have not posted about Polypeptide in ages. Fear not! I have been working on it. It's just a hassle to take screenshots of it, put them on a flash drive, drag them over to this pc, and host them on blogger. I'll post pics eventually.

All my efforts now are concentrated on finishing it.
I want it done before Megacon comes around. I'm going to torture myself for two days going to it. I want to meet George Lowe again. And I think Dan Didio will be there. Of course it means I'll have to hang around (shudder) otakus all day. And wapanese kids. And furries. And other...icky things.


have this incredibly majestic dragon:

he is breathing fire.


David said...


It's aboot time they recognized your works.
Also, nice dragon.

Andrew said...

That dragon is neato.

That film festival is also neato, although they totally should show The RedWar, or Squaresville. Totally. I'm-a go watch Factory Thing now.

MRat said...

The man missing the top of his head resembles Michael Keaton.

Sparkpro said...

Well, good for you.

Wouldn't have thought that you would continue the Haus of Fahts.

Haroshi said...

I love the angles and colours you have used in that bench toon, fits nicely with the music.

And I can't wait to see Polypeptide, I have also been working for ages on an animation so I can guess what it feels like.

Should have mine finished about the same time as yours. ; p

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