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Friday, February 01, 2008

Loose talk is Noose Talk

Payday is a wonderful day.
It makes me want to dance about
A small check so I can eat
And not be slapped by a large trout


Tonight was the last night for the former owner of the Green Parrot Pub. Its a dingy little place. Grungy, holes in the ceiling, old equipment. But it was homely and nice. A few old arcade games in one corner. A dartboard in another. A small herd of pool tables, a large flatscreen tv, and the bar in the center.
I asked him why he sold it.
"I've always been a lawyer and a barman. I just can't be both anymore."
He's sold the pub to a fellow from New York. Apparently they are going to replace the ceiling. They say this owner is a nice guy. He wasn't there tonight.
But everyone else was. It was like a retirement party. Wishing the owner good luck, cake, happy faces and sad. Probably the busiest I've seen the pub since Thanksgiving night.
I wasn't really in the mood to be there tonight. But a phone call from Mike near the end of my shift at the video store begging me to come persuaded me. Janalise was going to be there and Mike had no ride home.

The first surprising thing was that Joey was there. The same Joey who starred in my "Joey's Bright Idea" cartoon from last year. Mike and Joey haven't been on the friendliest of terms. Joey was complaining about somehow spending 700 bucks on car insurance (due to him falling asleep in his car and crashing it). Which led to discussion of finances where Joey mentioned he thought Mike was spoiled since Mike has no bills to pay. To which Mike retorted that the only reason he has no bills is because he did well in school as opposed to spending all day selling pot, like Joey did. Lots of angry arguing and retardedness followed with Mike eventually kicking Joey out of his car.

So seeing them together at the Pub was a nice surprise. Janalise and her friends greeted me. Janalise is a cute short redhead who used to work at the video store until the HORRID manager (who is now fired and had her house burned down) insulted her and made her quit. Denise, one of my several bosses was also there, engaged in an argument with Mike about whether he promised to buy her a shot or not.
I drank very little, as I had to drive, so afterwards we hiked to the local Ihop where I drew a rabid Squirtle on the back of the menu.

There's quite a few independently owned bars around here. I go to the Green Parrot because I'm friendly with the staff, they like to talk about movies, and they have godly hot sauce on their chicken wings. My friend John who lives in Brandon with his roommates Jack and David prefers Tank's Tap Room which is down the road nestled in the back of a cove of stores. I've only been to Tank's a few times. They have a massive selection of foreign beer, lagers, ales, and wine. And have won a few awards for it. I should go more often, but I rarely get anywhere after work these days.
If I'm not playing on the X360 at Mike's place, I'm home trying to improve my shitty art to a quality I'm satisfied with.

Speaking of, I finally painted something nice for the first time in forever:

8/9 hours of painting like a madman late at night on my new tablet pc with art rage 2.

I also drew a Moal.

As you can see a Moal is a vile little animal that should be kicked heartily in the ass for committing the sin of being such a dumb useless animal.

I also drew a horrid old man who hates everybody:

Why is soundwave such a cool Decepticon? He really shouldn't be. He's a big blue blob with little dinosaur shaped transformers that turn into cassette tapes and live in hist chest. And yet, you cant help but love him. And his weird vocoder voice.

It's now officially February the first. Soon spring will be here. And with it comes the Fair, Megacon, and my little brother's birthday. He just got himself a 360 with all 3 Halo games on it. I ran into him while I was taking my lunch break at work.

Which reminds me, I need to check on his pet baby python, Salazar. The python is very friendly and cute and likes to dangle off of things.

Anyway argle blargle blargle I'm out of pointless shit to type about. Good day.


Anonymous said...

Oh you fool, John Ward lives in Orlando...why would he live in Brandon with Jack and David? What college is in Brandon? And Mike did have a ride home, it was Joey.....Lrn 2 say facts!

ZSL said...

hey mike FUCK YOU

Mary said...

:O My uncle is, well I guess was... the owner of the Green Parrot Pub!!! No joke, his name is Tom C. He's owned it for about 10 years or so now. Sad to hear about him selling it! No one had told me. funny hearing about it here though, small world!