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Friday, February 08, 2008

yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye

Last night out of sheer boredom (as there's very little to do on a Thurday night around here) me, mike, and raphael decided to hike. And hike we did.

Around Westchase. Westchase is a very fancy neighborhood here in Tampa, with lots of fancy houses and fancy condominiums. It's surrounded by lots of smaller high class neighborhood that all interlock and intertwine.
In short, it's a very nice place to stroll around.
There are two shopping centers in it, which are basically small connecting strip malls of restaurants, weird novelty shops, and bars. There's a very nice place there called Zen. Zen serves sushi and weird asian alcohol drinks late late into the night. There's also a Tijuana Flats and a few other nice local places.
As we hiked, Mike showed the house that Tom and Alec use to live in. And entertained us with a story about how he STORY REMOVED BECAUSE MIKE IS PARANOID

I wish I could say I have something interesting to type but I really dont.
So here's a couple of quick sketches:

The Fair starts tomorrow.
The Florida State Fair. Which luckily, isnt very far away from here. The fair is always a fun excursion from life. Tasty unhealthy food, fascinating gadgets at the home show, new inventions, exotic animals, arts, crafts, music.

My favorite bits every year remain the same. The Bug Show located near the honey exhibit. You get to look at bees stuck in a tank, look at some of the most deadly insects on earth. Watch mosquito larvae squiggle about.
My other favorite part is the massive three-convention-hall-wide livestock area. Rows and rows of chickens, fowl, rabbits, hares, and other semi-cute beasties in cages. Next door is the hall where hundreds of cattle, buffalo, horses, pigs, and other various hoofed animals sit, waiting to be judged in the big animal contest.
The third favorite place being the midway. The cheap dumb animatronics, the seal show, the duck races, all the carnival games, the russian circus acrobats, the freak show tent (that I sneak in to every year), the rude clown who mocks people from the dunk tank, the robot who slowly weaves in and out of the crowd, and all the highly dangerous aging clanky rides where people get flung around at 70 miles an hour.

It all adds up to a lovely experience worth going to. It starts today and lasts through the 18th. With luck, perhaps I'll go again this year, even though I'm pretty much broke, due, once again to Sallie Mae raping my bank account and credit score. How I hate them. HOW I HATE THOSE DOVER BOYS. DRAT THEM. DOUBLE DRAT THEM.

Here's a lightbulby alien I painted.

For those visiting this blog looking for cartoon news, you wont find much.
But here's a new screenshot of Polypeptide, my next little film.

Soon it will be done. And I will be free. Free as a bird.

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