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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There were two crabs. They work in pairs!

My stomach is gurgling. The food poisoning has been over for a few days, but the effects still linger. Pain when I stand up or sit down. Pain when digesting food. Random explosive shits. Complete lack of energy. Nausea.

I wish this shit would end already.
At least my breakfast this morning didnt make me nauseaus. Perhaps because it was egg-in-a-basket. My stomach could never hate egg, no matter how sick it was.

This weekend had some torturous moments though, where I was sure I would barf. But I pulled through.

On Friday Mike and I hopped into his tiny grey sedan and drove to Orlando. Once there, we were greeted by John, Jack, and David. The three roomates, whom I've known for very long times now.

It was the grand birthday celebration for John and Mike. Both turning 22.
The celebration was basically a giant vacation from everything.
The first night we went to the Knight Library. A bar located but a few blocks from John's apartment. On foot taking maybe 10 minutes to walk there. It's a nice place with cheap drinks. Captain Morgan seems to sponsor it, so there were plenty of free drinks as well. As the night went on and became blurrier, the bar filled with hundreds and hundreds of people. Never have I seen so many crammed into such a small space.
Afterwards we all stumbled to the Pita Pit. Its another local place halfway between the Knight Library and John's apartment. Its alot like a burrito bar. You order the basic pita (a jewish tortilla with a tasty meat or veggy filling of your choice) and as they cook it, you get to decide which of the myriad of extra ingredients and sauces you will be having placed inside your pita.

Needless to say, it is the perfect cure for the munchies.

The night passed full of movie watching and general nerd stuff.

The second day was beer pong day. John was 5 time world champion of beer pong. Jack was his grizzled old coach. This was in the summer of love in 1964. It was hard times, back then, not being born and all.
But I digress, beer pong was something we all took quite seriously. So out of the fridge came the cheap beer, the Guiness, the Jaegermeister, and a scattering of other liquors.
Guests arrived. Not as many as last years MASSIVE party, but still quite a few. Joey and Ese and Kodamo once again proved what shameful creatures they were by not making the trip up this year.
So once were done feasting at a very tasty mexican food place called La Granga, it was time for the Beer Pong. Beer Pong soon gave way to sillier drinking games. Beer Monopoly. Coin throwing. And eventually the night came to an end with John and Mike receiving a disturbing green cake from a cute girl that Eric almost hooked up with, had he not been so full of shame.

Later we went to Hard Knocks. Its a giant extremely in-depth laser tag arena with cubicles, obstacles, different kinds of weapons and other fun stuff. To play costs 35 bucks. FAR too much for me. So I settled to playing in their large video game console and pc lan game area with Eric. For the first time I played the puzzle game Bejeweled. I now understand why people like it so much. It combined Tetris attack and Tapei. I might have to "get" it now.
Eric eventually ended up giving in to his greatest weakness and playing World of Warcraft. Everyone vomited.
The place needs joysticks. Playing Halo online with a keyboard and mouse is awful. How can people play like that?

Watching "Hot Shots" and "Hot Shots: Part Deaux" while drunk makes the movies 20 times funnier.

On the last day John decided to follow a friend's advice and we drove around a small rundown area looking for a legendary breakfast place.
And he found it.
A small flat bright yellow building across the street from a creepy church and quiet neighborhood. Very tiny place. A diner. With lots of odd paintings of chickens all over the place. And a bar with stools. The manager was very kind and chit-chatted with us. Perhaps she could tell how hung over we all were?
Either way, the food was delicious. Home-made breakfast foods. I wish I could have eaten more, but, just like now as I type, my stomach is doing nauseous flip-flops for no reason at all.

The time came to go. Mike and I explored the small "Vietman" area nearby. A couple of streets filled only with vietnamese food and shops full of all sorts of odd items. I was harassed by a hobo.

By this time, the lack of sleep and fuzziness in my head had taken their toll. I was sleepy as hell. I dozed off several times waiting for some soup.
And I slept in the car all the way back.I went to bed at about 10. Earliest I've been to bed in years and years. I slept til about 6 am. Where I proceeded to get up and make myself some delicious egg-in-a-basket.
Then I went to work, got to talk to a customer about David Lynch, came home and now here I am.

Now, I am off to 'drop some kids off at the pool' and then sleep for a few hours.
I will probably post some art later this week, for those who care to look at it.

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