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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I wanted to be a mountains gorilla

Apparently Subtle released a new album more than a month ago called ExitingARM that I was unaware of. This will be remedied soon. As of late I've been doing four things. For one, I am still working on polypeptide. Here's some silly art based on it for no reason.

I've also continued working on the graphics for a game me and my friend Billy (who calls himself mr.chocobo) have been working on. I posted the main characters designs in a previous blog entry. We have enemies that shoot, explosions, backround, miniboss. Its all slowly coming together.

The third thing I have been doing is helping my friend Hans design his new flash cartoon. It's western all done in crazy shades of black and orange and all done in his loony vector geometric art style. The man is a machine. Every day he completes a new huge chunk of it. I havent done much other than have sketch sessions with him where we've drawn lots of weird horses.

You can see what he has finished to far here:

My friend Shirt Turtle is also making a new cartoon featuring a yellow elephant. But he has shown it to very few people.

I also painted a hideous tribute to two pop culture icons.
Can you guess who they are?
Thats right! It's Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, and Madonna
thanks for playing

Also my father got a webcam for free, had no use for it, and gave it to me.
When I try to use it with AIM or MSN it has errors and the computer turns off.
Other than that, it works fine as pine. And I managed to record my brother's snake on it. I need to find a more constructive use for it.

As you can see, the snake is quite snakelike and laid back.

My friend BigArmyBug (now known simply as Bug) has been hard at work on a new flash miniseries called Hammer and Nail. He's been generous enough to send me art and .swf's of the thing. Its nowhere near done. As of right now, he is having trouble finding good voice actors. Pretty much everyone who has sent in recordings of their voice-acting skills sound like children trying to imitate 'anime voices' which are horrible.
So he started working on a new short until he can find people with funny voices. It's a cartoon about ghosts in silly hats that dig up turnips or something along those lines.
So I drew a little drawing to remind Bug of a character he made that I loved whom he cut out of his cartoons.

And as usual, when really bored, I've been doing some more shirt designs for my zazzle thing.
Invade Octopus
Doodly Man
Fuzzy Golopo


Eric is in town. He will be for the next 3 months. Afterwards he is going to Chicago to finish school and get his PHD or something to that effect. And we'll probably never see him again.
So we are engaging in one of his favorite cerebral activities: tabletop games. Risk, monopoly, and now we have started a quest in Dungeons and Dragons.
I will admit, I used to play DnD alot back in school, but havent played in at least a decade. Alot has changed since then.
Either way I am currently a level 2 half-orc with a morningstar mace. My name? Motherfucker McGee. And my character is broken as hell and kicks tons of ass. That Motherfucker, is one baaaaaaad motherfuSHUT YO MOUTH...I'm only talkin 'bout mcgee!

I got to see the midnight premiere of Wall-E on thursday.
Pixar triumphed again. Not a thing I didnt like about it. I'd say its definitely their most experimental and weird film. And oddly, their most romantic. And, as if you could not tell by the trailers, the main characters were screamingly lovable and cute.

And so I made some wall-e fanart OH BOY

But yeah, everyone should and needs to see it. I am definitely going to attempt to see it again.

boy this is the most pictures i've stuck in a post in like forever.

and now for one more. a friend of mine was having a silly contest where we redrew his favorite anime "DoReMi" and so I scribbled this sloppy mess together


Rutger said...

Do you have a deviantART account?

HillyBillyMcgee said...

Wut in da name o sam hill does ye talking bout dis bloog? I is gone done seein WALL-E and it was streenge, and it was big ol buckets on my head cuz i din no wut wuz gone on da entire tim! Wut wuz dat roboot tryin ta dew? He make roboot chillin o he diez tryin o some shite, i jus don no no mo, I JUS DO NO BOUT DAT ROBOOT. anywaz, smells like da wifey has been a cookin them craw sizzlin cajun jug o crawdads jus fo me, so i am gone go over and fill oop me belly fo it is aching with crawdad starvin pain, yall no wut i meen, YALL NO!!

Ansel said...

hillybillymcgee makes me angry.

Hans's thing looks very very nice. Smooth and pretty and beautiful. As always.

HOLY SHAT shirty is making a cartoon? with the yellow elephant? I recall many eons ago I told him to make a cartoon using a yellow elephant he drew. IS THERE A CONNECTION? probably not.

These are the BWAAA of BWAAA. You must BWAAA each.

Krauthammer said...

I think Wall-E is Pixar's best by a country mile. Great movie.

(please finish polypeptide, I love your work)

pop;yeah said...

That madonna drawing is charming.
i didn't know anyone visited my blog. I'm going to visit more often, i didn't know you were this active.