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Thursday, June 12, 2008

There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness.

Kung Fu Panda was great.
And you all should see it.

First things first, I have edited that painting I posted in my last post. I have been going insane looking at it and couldn't stand it anymore. So.
Here is the revised version. Cropped out half of it, changed some colors, changed some clouds, added some highlights here and there.
Now it looks like this:

But yeah.
Kung Fu Panda was great. I suppose it shouldn't be surprising since it's by Mark Osbourne who's made two of the best claymation short films ever made. Everything he touches is gold, seemingly.

Been workin on polypeptide still. Some new screnshots.
It'll get done one of these days.

I added a new thing to the side of this blog.
Under the links area (which my 4-5 regular readers of this thing should look at if they have not since i have found some cool stuff i have placed there), anyway under the links area I have put a blog list.
A list of blogs, see.
It basically is blogs I read and like to catch up on. The ones near the top are the most recently updated ones. Not all the blogs I like are there yet, since many of them I forget their names and then later go "oh hey i have not visited there in a while"
So it keeps me up to date on artists that I like, and possibly gives you something else to read when you find my own redundant posts a bore to shift through.

I think I am going to rent Boom Blox. I have seen the trailers and E3 conferences and it looks like the sort of game that would be right up my alley. Puzzle solving, level creation, and things exploding all over the friggin place.
3 of my favorite things.

I've been playing Meteos again as of late. I still believe Meteos to be the best innovation to the old tetris-attack style puzzle game ever. It's still brilliant and hard as hell to master.
Nintendo should make a sequel for the wii. It'd be perfect for it, considering Meteos' own bizarre control scheme.

I'd also like to see a Mischief Makers sequel and a sequel to Stretch Panic (by Treasure) on the wii. They're both perfect matches for the systems weirdness.

But that probably wont happen.

Viva la Vida is a good song.

oh and here's another drawing


HillyBillyMcgee said...

I see dere dat you gone drawn a wee squirrly creature lik da kind me and da wifey got brewin in da ol cofeey maker when da sun peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks out fro unda da trees and he says hello i here ta give you a wakin. Then me and da wifey go ova to da ol cofeey maker and we drink the squirrly creatures right out da jug, umm hmm, dey so tasty and full of mammal juicees!

Spencer said...

hurry up with polypeptide, i'm anxious.