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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fruit dont talk. Fruit just listens.....and waits.

Today was an interesting day. I woke up, washed my clothing, and had myself some crackers for breakfast.
Money has been tight. My last paycheck was hardly anything and overdraft fees have been killing me. Overdraft fees have to be the most ironic fees.
As I was thumbing through my wallet a couple of things fell out.
One was a free movie ticket I'd earned god only knows how long ago.
And the other was a fortune from a fortune cookie I had saved. I knew it was in there but I had forgotten what it said.
I know why I kept it. Because it's accurate. I've ruined alot of opportunities in my life. And alot of things have been preventing me from doing what I need or want to do.
But it seems like I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm getting sponsored for my new cartoon Polypeptide. That alone opens up so many options for me. My zazzle account seems to be doing well again. Zazzle even called me wanting me to participate in something.
Despite still being rather disparate, things are looking up.
And I think this fortune cookie fortune says it best:

Of course I also got a fortune that says "you are never bitter or petty" so that shows how accurate these things usually are. hyuck hyuck hyuck.

I used the webcam to do that.
I also used the webcam to take of pictures of my hairy baboon face.


Anyway, I went to work. It was meant to be a short shift. 6 to 10. But it was dead inside the store, due to the Olympics opening ceremonies. So after a couple of hours, I clocked out and went to Publix to buy myself some dinner. Which means getting a sandwich.

Perhaps the two best sandwiches to get at Publix are as follows:

1.) ham sandwich. lots of mayonnaise and a bit of mustard. tomato, onion, and swiss cheese. have them coat the outer hoagie roll in butter and then cover it in garlic powder. have it pressed flat like a panini.

2.) chicken tenders chopped up. mayonnaise. cheddar or pepperjack cheese. horseradish dressing. a bit of vinegar. pressed flat like a panini

Either of these sandwiches is sure to bring you unrelenting joy.

There are few things as oddly calming and humbling than sitting on the roof of your car and eating a delicious fresh pressed deli sandwich in the evening. Watching the world scuttle around you. I think I reached Zen as I sat up there, devouring my horseradish dripping hoagie.

"I wonder if those cockroaches are out of their hiding places" I thought.
I was met with a roach in my car AGAIN the other night. It crawled across my arm. So somehow, on my roach genocidal rampage, I missed one.
So after the sandwich I hopped off my car, yanked open the door, and saw, the roach. I then proceeded to roundhouse kick it onto the street and curb-stomped it American History X style.

Then I saw Batman with my father. And its still a great film.

To change subjects, the website Internal Astronaut finally opened itself up. As I said in a blog post months ago, the webmaster left a few business cards in the store I work at which I recovered at a later time.
The site claimed it would open on 8-8-8 and they didnt disappoint.
Behold it here. Its a fascinating site full of psychotic gobbeldy gook and amazing texts that border on insanity and is pretty genius overall. Calling the phone number on the site brings up a very interesting answering machine as well. Either way its quite a work of art.

The search for the long-disappeared Mentally Detached continues.

My friend Taylor and Gost of indy band Farther Snake have done an excellent cover of the song "Older" by They Might Be Giants
I'd love to share it with you all but it appears all file hosting sites now require you to sign away your soul to upload anything. Oh well.

hopefully tomorrow is just as quiet.


Jerry Chan said...

Fortunes can be enhanced if you tag the phrase "Except in bed." to the end of every one that you get.

Anonymous said...

i dunno somehow i thought you were.. white

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