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Thursday, October 23, 2008

the kiss of the hyena

Before starting this new music video project with gerkinman, I was still hard at work on polypeptide.

I am reaching the scene where everything goes sort of batshit crazy. Its important because this cartoon has a chaotic middle, then an almost horrifying scene, and then settles quickly into chaos again.

However at the same time I am trying to keep it tasteful. Anyway some old screenshots I never bothered to upload before.
(animating that purple guy walking away was a bitch)

and a bit of violence first rearing its head

Now currently I am working on the opening shot of the music video project. Its one of the most important shots because it sets up the location of all the stuff thats about to happen AND it is its own piece of art. And by that I mean, I cant use any of the buildings predrawn because the copy+paste would be so obvious. So the test is to match the style of the buildings and create what looks like a big urban city on an island.

Anyway here is what it looks like thus far

I'm going to add some little boats and a little blimp later.

Recently I have been fortunate enough to get my old PC upgraded.
What was originally a pc from 1995 with 80 mb of ram has not become a pretty nice pc with 1 gb of ram.
Which means Flash CS3 now runs like a dream on this sucker. Which is good. Because the actual animation in this film, while not robust, will need alot of linework. And I need a good chuggin pc to have it run smoothly.

Technically we only have about 3 weeks to complete this project for the band, so an efficient computer is a must have. And now I have it. I have no idea how much it pays but anything is good really.

This weebl money couldnt have come at a better time. My loan company just tacked on a nice $833.97 to my overall fee this year. Isn't that grand? More money for me to owe.
It makes me vomit jackhammers in my sleep.

In my last post I was talking about the art book I made. It was a pretty fruitless little thing. But at least its done with and thats over. Another small thing I can check off on my list of things in my life I need to do.

The cover of the book was a painting I had finished the night before. Something I was quite proud of. I tried a bit of a different technique in terms of how I've been using my software. This time I did all the shading in the b+w alias sketchbook pencil tool as opposed to doing it all with the paint in art rage and only doing the linework in alias. I think it came out quite well. It looks earthier and much more professional. I think I will do things this way from now on.

It is a Clockwork Turtle. Combining two of my favorite things. Machinery and tortugas.

And now the time has come to call GORENEW and see if they can renew my expired driver's license because I really REALLY dont want to go to the Florida DMV office.
Its like an inescapable hell through which no light or moisture can enter.

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Wow, desktop sized cityscape, pretty please??