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Monday, October 27, 2008

stroke all criminal activates

In the area of Ybor known as Centro Ybor there is a small bar and restaurant near the movie theater called the Tampa Bay Brewing Company.

God knows how many times I've walked by the place. Anyway, John and Jack came down so me and mike joined them to wander about Ybor. We thought it was Guavaween night. We were mistaken.
So we started looking around for pubs and bars to hang out in for a drink. Eventually we steered ourselves to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. There were 4 empty seats on a side of the pub. As if it were fate.
So we sat down.

Now, a few years ago there was a chain of places here called Hops. Small restaurants with expensive but delicious food. What made Hops special was that they had their own brewery INSIDE the building. And brewed their own beers and root beers.

The place in Ybor does the same thing. But much better. They had stouts, ales, lagers, and made their own root beers as well. And by the blessings of Albus, their beer was fantastic. They had some prickly kind there called Jacob's Quaff or something.


After that we went home.
I have to work on Halloween. As usual. And I'm closing. As usual. I'm thinking of borrowing Mike's gas mask and going to work in it. But I get the feeling the gas mask will crush my eyeglasses onto my face.

Tonight we decided to try something special.
Mike and Eric, apparently at some point in their lives, made their own tortilla chips. So we did that tonight. We bought like 50 uncooked tortillas from Wal-Mart for like a buck, and took it back to Mike's place.
Much slicing occurred until multiple triangular bits of tortilla were arranged in stacks in various places in the kitchen.

A pot full of vegetable oil was heated. Tortilla was thrown in, allowed to become golden brown in the boiling oil, and then tossed onto a paper towel. There upon much salt was poured onto the chips before the oil cooled.

The chips were then henceforth delicately placed in a tin, covered in onions, pepperjack cheese, and Caribbean Jerk Chicken seasoning. Placed into the oven. And cooked into the heartiest nachos possibly ever.

Homemade potato chips are just...fuckin great.

And the best part is, they're cheap! Alot cheaper than bags of store bought potato chips thats for damn sure.

Best chips ever.
A close second is the Cape Cod jalapeno and aged cheddar chip. And the bronze third place trophy goes to the au natural cracked pepper and sea salt chips at Publix.

Blah blah blah

Anyway work continues on the new music video project.
I spent way too much time tonight trying to get a proper shadow cascading over two characters and a city scape. Eventually Flash, in all its perfectly coded brilliance, started messing up the mask layers, I gave up, and made the shadow just cover the whole image. The simple way.

A couple of cameos in an early scene.

Next is the fun shots, ala, huge monster starts blowing shit up.
Oh yes, much fun I shall have.

In other news everyone should watch this.

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