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Thursday, October 30, 2008

you've been in the pipeline, filling in time

Winter has come. And has hit Tampa like a brick hurled from an orangutan. Fall has been violated and so it did not attend this year. No, summer shimmied aside.
Now winter dances here. It seems so fitting dont you think, to dress the ground in white....and grey.

The cold has done something precious though. It has caused my body to go into some sort of hibernation. On the times that I finally hit my bed, I do not sleep. I die for roughly 4 hours, and awake freezing cold, and feeling refreshed as hell.

And I leap out of bed and go "I'M UP AND I FEEL GREAT YEAH"

On this most cold of days, I decided to wander around the mall with Mike.

And I saw one of my favorite movies that has come out this year.

According to Mrat this film was low budget. I dont see how thats possible. It had alot of great special effects and some of the best set design I've seen in a long time.
It was like some weird combination of City of Lost Children, Bioshock, Indiana Jones, and the Giver. Bill Murray is this very fat corrupt Mayor. And it has Martin Landau who looks surprisingly good for being ancient.
It also has a GIANT horrific mole. For the most part its a spooky film. Very dark with alot of bad things happening to the people stuck in this little subterranean world.

Really the only flaw I could see in the film is I dont think it was long enough. You get the feeling there's alot more backstory to everything thats going on, but alot of it was trimmed to keep it under 2 hours.

It made me remember this concept for some cartoons I had about all these sort of mutant little people living deep deep deep under the surface of somewhere. They live thoroughly disgusting lives, molting, growing new limbs, mutating. But despite living like horrors, they were quite content and happy and all lived together in a sort of sick fetid little community. And they wouldnt be the only ones. There'd be little miners trying to build a rocket to escape the underground. And various individuals. Most very insectlike. Living in a mercantile sort of way. Each episode would follow and individual of this world going on some sort of small adventure or story.
Overall it would have looked alot like my MEAT GRINDER cartoon except taking place buried in earth. No technology. No light. And yet, a somewhat evil little world continues to evolve.
Like the first episode was going to be about a pillbug-like mutant girl trying to evolve in a way where she could produce natural light from her body so she can see better.

I should revisit that idea.
It tickles my spinal cord.

Anyway wow I went off on a tangent.

After the movie we went to a chinese buffet where I devoured a large amount of coconut glazed shrimp and bagel rolls.

No art to post in this post.
Good day. To thee.


Amzi The Potatosheep said...

Whoa, I remember that book. I had no idea it ever got made into a movie. I shall have to check that out.

Anonymous said...

winter in florida..................not cold