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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

easter woman came today and took away my wife.

As I type this country of ours is currently making the informed decision of what new marionette in a business suit gets to clean up the mess left behind by the previous marionette. This process costs billions of dollars.
On the streets, people with picket signs and foghorns rush around on the freeway. Blocking traffic. Slowing it down. Being a nuisance.

I regret that I didnt try to run some of them over. When I have 10 minutes to get to work the last thing I need is a bunch of soccer moms leaping in front of my moving vehicle while an old man with a megaphone leans through the driver's side window and BLARES INTO MY EAR WITH THE MEGAPHONE:


I regret I didnt fire something back at him. Maybe its because my day had just started. I wasnt aware I was going to be yelled at by several misguided customers that day. I wasnt aware I was going to work til 3am setting up ugly christmas bullshit.

Either way I find it ridiculous that people still put faith into anything our government does. Its like the last 4 decades have been forgotten.

In other news, I believe Doctor Steel is Floridian.
And here is why.

Bay News 9
That is a florida news channel! Tampa to be specific!
But I need more proof!

In other news the band I was doing that music video for with Gerkinman pushed back the release date to February. But they like the video!!!

Of course the release date being pushed back also means payment gets pushed back. Oh well!

In other news I think I have a skunk.
As I walked toward the door from parking I saw something black and fluffy crawl into a bush and it had a black stripe and....



Obama is president.

Well herp dee derp

I am glad I am watching the Steven Colbert Jon Stewart election coverage show. Its all that has made this bearable.

I for one welcome our new overlords.



here is obama riding a dinosaur

a dinosaur that feasts on a steady diet of HOPE and CHANGE


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motherfuckin' obamasaur

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