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Thursday, November 13, 2008

good show, oh dilapidated delinquent!

Along with the music video being pushed back to february, the man I have been working on it with, Monsieur Gerkinman, is going away for about a month. He is moving up the coast of Australia, and as such probably wont have an internet connection for about a month.
But once he's back we can put the finishing touches on the video. Which thus far has been fun to make and should be fun to watch!

However, in other news, Gerk and I have decided, for the final scene of this film, to bring another animator on board. A nice chap named Cambo. I'd never heard of him until he joined a forum I frequent. He needs work experience and is a good animator. His work reminds me of Bruno Bozzetto's flash work.

Alongside that, my friend HotDiggetyDemon's new film about the Large Hadron Collider will be done very soon now. I did quite a few backrounds for the film. I did them a while ago mainly because I was bored and unproductive. Only recently did I discover that the cartoon is being sponsored, and he is giving me some of the cash. How very nice of him! Apparently it should be done within the next week.
Its quite funny with the same odd innocent charm his films in general have.

Similarly, my friend Hans commissioned me to do some animation for him. He already had the storyboard set up and everything. Its simple for the most part. I simply have to mimic his animation style. He makes lovely cartoons every now and then. This animation is for a game though. I know very little about it other than that it seems to be an amusing take on risk, judging by the characters who are all little world leaders shouting at each other.

I have not talked about my roach problem in a while and I think it's high time I did. I have been crushing alot of roaches in my car as of late but I've noticed a definite lull in activity. So I've assumed that I had finally decimated them. This was not the case.
Because but 3 or 4 days ago as I got into my car I noticed a tiny baby cockroach sitting atop my steering wheel. As if mocking me. So I grabbed my half-melted DVD of "The Day the Sky Exploded" and proceeded to beat the living shit out of the larva.

Not a good sign. A baby means that somehow...despite no food source...the roaches are reproducing. And roaches dont have one baby at a time. They have a bunch. So. I borrowed a tube of BORIC ACID and proceeded to chunk gobs of it all over the inside of my vehicle. In as many nooks and crannies as I could get.

Satisfied, I've been assuming it wouldnt be long til the roaches all perished.

But tonight as I walked out of work clutching De Blob in my hands and peaked in the window, I spotted not one but TWO juvenile roaches. Roughly the size of a normal roach, but with no wings yet. I tore the door open and tried to crush them but they skitted away.
I am pissed now and I am going to be putting a HELL of alot more boric acid into the vehicle.

In slightly similar news, my brother Jared came over to feed his pet snake. And decided he wanted to feed it to the snake fresh as a daisy as opposed to banging it up a bit first. Somehow in the process the mouse took flight and hid itself behind the stove.
So, we covered a trap in peanut butter and set it at the foot of the stove and waited. 8 hours later. Nothing. But around 4am I heard the rodent. Tiny paws scratching on the wall behind the stove. As if it were trying to climb up and out instead of squeezing out of the bottom where it entered.
So I did what any sane man would do.

I grabbed my shoe and a tape dispenser and waited for the mouse to emerge.

And now the snake has been fed and we have no more mouse problems.

First fleas, then roaches, and now a mouse. I just cant get away from the horrors of mother nature this year can I?
Regardless, I am going to grab the tube of boric acid and apply even more to the inside of the car.

I suppose one thing I should be thankful about with this particular situation is that these roaches cant fly. Nothing is worse than flying roaches. I imagine I'd veer off the road if one of these big fat palmetto bugs suddenly launched itself through the air and onto my head while I drove.


Anonymous said...

roaches suck. boric acid is for pansies. use NITRIC ACID

Haroshi said...

You should make your car entirely air tight then suck all the air out of it, creating a vacuum.

I'd like to see cockroaches survive that shit.

Anonymous said...

dude what is it with you and mother nature?