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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

need a dispenser here

woop woop.

Not much to say in this blog post. I have barely been sleeping every night because its suddenly gotten so damn cold. My bed is colder than a penguin's buttocks. All I can do is make myself hot tea to keep warm.

In good news, my friend HotDiggedyDemon finally finished the cartoon I did backrounds for. And its doing very well on ye old internet cartoon website. With a healthy score and alot of good reviews.

Behold it here: New Cartoon: The Greatest Idea Ever!

So thats one worrisome thing out of the way.
In similar news I am almost done with this project for Hans van Harken.
Although I've been informed he wont be able to pay me for it until the end of December. D'oh!
Here's some pics from the thing.

It should be done very very soon. As in the next day or so probably. Which is good. Gerkinman is leaving soon and we have decided we are going to get as much done on this next music video as we possibly can before he goes. Seeing as technically we still only have about 30 seconds of the video done and the band are getting antsy apparently.

Now that me and mike have beaten the pants off the wonderful Gears of Wars 2, I am waiting for him to rent Deadspace so we can play and beat that already. In the meantime though I picked up a game for my wii, which I havent been using for anything other than MarioKart as of late. I know alot of people seem to think the new mario kart is too hard, but thats stupid. The whole point of the game is to be an asshole. If you arent smart enough to keep an extra banana tethered to the back bumper of your cart to prevent shells and fallout, then you you deserve to lose. Personally I think its alot better than the last few mario karts in terms of track design and graphics.
Anyway, other than Kart and World of Goo, I havent been playing much. But then I remembered I had an Animal Crossing stowed away for me at the store. But I've soon realized, via discussions on some message boards and screenshots, that it seems to be little else than a light upgrade to Animal Crossing: Wild World. Bah! It really wouldn't take much to expand the game.
Perhaps more than one town to visit. Give the character a boat perhaps? The ocean is always at the bottom of the map like some impassable blockade. Whats out there? Hell even some aspects from Harvest Moon would make the game much more enriching.
Anyway, I eventually decided I didnt want it.
So I used the money I've earned with my new job to get myself an early X-mas present of sorts.
A game I've been very interested in the development of for a while. And my excitement was only heightened when new screenshots came out showing that the game had gone through a graphical makeover so it looked as nice as it seemingly played.

De Blob

What a bizarre and fun game.
It actually reminds me alot of the original Spyro the Dragon games (you know, before they fucked them up and made them unplayable). Including a weird control scheme that takes some getting used to, at first.
You flick the remote to make De Blob bounce. The Z button target objects you can fly towards. And you basically roll around until you hit a color bot. The bot explodes and De Blob, who is transparent, is suddenly a ball of color. And you slime around coloring all sorts of weird buildings and things.
Its weird.
Like when you jump and hit a building, you stick to it like a slimy ball and can propel yourself across a facing and then with a flick, you rebound off the wall like a ball and aim yourself at the next object.

It took me a while but eventually I figured out how to work it and I was soon ricocheting off of buildings like a rubber ball on crack. The way you attack is rather alot like the Sonic Adventure games.
You target a baddy, smash them, and then in midair target another, and you keep doing this until you've cleared them all out.

I think I played it for like 5 hours straight. Its very ... Arcade-like. The tasks are simple and revolve around the same activities (color these things this color, smash this guy, escape from this thing) and all run on a time limit that, with success, you can expand for longer play time in each level.

Another odd thing is, as you collect colors and mix them on your body, De Blob slowly gets bigger. I have not figured out how that affects the gameplay yet. But I assume being bigger, means jumping farther.

Either way, I enjoyed the game enough that I felt inspired to try to doodle it in FlashCS3 (which i've slowly come to adore. after the horrors of flashmx04 and flash8 i never thought i'd say that), and as I listened to "Monkey" by Cornelius, I made this:

And thats basically what I've been up to.

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