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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Buggy Ding Dong will rise up from his ashes like a magnificent Phoenix

The holidays are upon us. Mike is sending me messages about wanting to go to the Castle in centro ybor again. But as nice as the place is, I cant stand the steep cover charge.
I cant stand cover charges in general, really. Why pay money to get into a place you might not even like? And why pay as much to get in, as you could on a couple of drinks somewhere else? It just seems to defeat the purpose to me.




A few days ago I got to see Madagascar 2. I guess Hans Zimmer must have realized everyone's favorite track from the original was the "Zooster's Breakout" theme so pretty much all of Madagascar2 soundtrack uses that melody as the basis. Which is fine! Madgascar 2 is also the first G/PG animated film I've seen in a long time which has actual blood in it. Alex's father played by the late Bernie Mac gets his ear blown off by a rifle in the beginning of the movie. Blood splatters on his face. Rather ballsy of them. You never see blood in american animated films anymore. Not even the Incredibles with all the thrashing there was had any blood in it.
Anyway the movie was lovely. They fleshed out Melman and Gloria a bunch (who were relegated to mostly comic relief in the last one) and pretty much took everything neat about the first one and made it important in the second.
Other than Melman and Gloria getting alot more story this time around (as opposed to Alex and Marty in the previous), they also made the old lady who beat the crap out of Alex in the original become a leader and villain all at once. King Julius the insane lemur was back. And his insanity caused a quick desperate cult of animals who tried to kill Melman in the hopes his sacrifice would bring rain. The penguins got to kick alot more ass, as did the chimpanzees from the last film.
Overall a good sequel.

In terms of art, it looks like they redid the fur on the lemurs. They looked alot softer and fluffier.
Also there was alot more motion blur. In the previous one there was very little motion blur to keep it looking like a Tex Avery sort of thing I guess. It was just straight frames for the most part. But not this time around.


Anywhoooooooooo out of the frying pan into the fire.

I finished a new episode of weebl and bob and sent it to Weebl himself for editing and he recently put it up. A very long episode (and very hard to put together as well). But it is done and up!

Team Laser Explosion 5

Work continues as usual on the project with Gerkinman.

Also in the meantime I've managed to make 2 very short flash cartoons.

The first is a dumb 10 second long cartoon that everyone hates:
Robotic Octopus Snowman

The second one is an even shorter silly dumb cartoon that me and my good friend BigArmyBug made last night in roughly half an hour:

Racken Fracken Friendship
I would explain why RACKEN FRACKEN VARMINT from "The Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers" is in that, but it would be a long and boring story.

And as long as I am talking about stuff I've made recently, seeing as I havent made a new product on my Zazzle account in forever, I made this squaresville shirt:
squart shirt
squart by ZekeySpaceyLizard

Because what better thing to wear on your exhausted carcass this holiday season than the odd illustration of an obscure one-shot character from an obscure 3-year-old internet cartoon by an cartoonist noone has ever heard of?

doo dee doo dee doo

Monday is Batmonday. The Dark Knight comes out tomorrow so we are having a bit of a batman party at the store. We are selling a blue ray player for really cheap and staying open extra late. I may just pop in and pick up my reserved copy.

In other news, after fishing around in my brothers room I managed to find my old gamecube collection. Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, Ikaruga, F-Zero.
I brought F-Zero back here so I can play it again. That game still has incredible graphics.

And in the search for Kirby's Air Ride (still missing) I found a game I hadn't gotten to play in like 2 years.
One of the launch titles for the Xbox and the Gamecube
One of the best most underrated games Electronic Arts ever conceived:

This game was, and still is, god. Man I played it for so long today.
It makes me sad that the developers of it said they would make a sequel (but that was in 2003).
I doubt it will ever come to be.

So I got all my old games back except for Kirby's Air Ride.
I need to find that thing.

Anyway enough talk.

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Just so everyone that reads this blog knows, the "steep cover charge" is 5 dollars.