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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

edit: new painting added at the bottom

The other day there was a topic about the ridiculously expensive clothes on kidrobot and the hipsters they show wearing them. So in jest, I posted some jpegs of models wearing my zazzle shirt designs. I sold 9 shirts today. What the FUCK.

Also today I had a very very productive day.

I invoiced about the latest work I did at my animation job. I got a new painting completed. And I got the finishing touches done on several scenes for me and Gerkinman's film.

Anyways here is the painting

And here's a couple of screenshots from the film

Speaking of film, I also managed to complete a little something I started a long while ago.
My employer showed me a hidden part of his server where he kept 'secret music' and the song that thrilled me the most was a ditty about lemons.

So I made a cartoon to it: LEMONS

Joey is still in jail.
But Eric is back from christmas vacation. Mike's gettin a new PC for roughly 800 bucks.

I also saw the new Day the Earth Stood Still.

Or as I believe it was originally titled "Awesome Fanfic of Gort the Robot but We Had to Re-Write the Rest of the Movie as Well"

It was entertaining.
I think I would have preferred to see Bolt.

Now I'm going to listen to Lemon Jelly and work on Polypeptide for a bit.
But before I do

Everyone visiting this blog needs to look at this website.
It's fascinating. This gorgeous redhead makes amazingly sick and twisted art out of pieces of dead animals.

My personal favorite is the Chernobyl Chicken.
Chernobyl is such a legendary little disaster, and hell I mean, who wouldnt want a 4 legged bird?

Anyway I love her site. Its one of those things where I think to myself "if I'm ever rich I am going to put some of her skinless animals on my lawn to frighten people away!"


edit and before I forget here's a thing i made
its rare i try to make 'cute' things anymore so here is some cute

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I like how im in that cartoon