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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sirrah! Why the fuck art thou all up in my tent?

Its almost valentines day! Love is in the air! It smells like crotch.

On albinoblacksheep they were having a valentines day contest. So I threw my hat into the ring! Or in less slangified terms, I made a quick cartoon for the contest.

The theme was "Lonely No More" and because I am such the indy hipster with my black rimmed drew carrey glasses and animal collective t-shirt, I decided to be as completely opposite to the theme of love and valentines as possible and made a film about cancer, that still fit in with the theme. woo.

I've discussed a few times now that I am working on a very big project with Weebl.

But I wasn't quite sure what it is or what it was for, despite already finishing the first episode and working on the second.
It's Season 2 of a thing called Goovies that he made last year that I somehow had never seen!
The next 5 of these will be made by me! The three that are there are from last year.

In other news it was Erica's birthday the other day and I painted her a little something and then forgot I had but remembered today so I sent it to her and here it is the end.

She likes pandas. Some might say too much. But those people are fools.


Jacob Breck said...

oh octopus pie reference how lovely

ryan said...

i like pandas

smirkstudios said...

Nice work! And you even got my hero, Ryan Khatam to comment! LoL

I remember you from Newgrounds, I think you did some background work for Hot Diggidy Demon. Am I right?

I'll add you to my following list, your stuff is indeed worth-while.

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