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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hush, and shush, for the beldam might be listening.

Today, or technically I should say YESTERDAY was Mike's birthday. He's reached the ripe old age of 49,532 which I do believe is a record. As per usual with his birthday he went to Orlando to visit John and Jack to have a good old party time. Which he did. I would have attended but currently I am once again busy with animation. The next goovies is a parody of the FREAKING WONDERFUL scifi movie "Sunshine" that came out a couple years ago.

Which is you have not seen it, I would highly recommend it. HIGHLY.

On top of that I got something very important done.

Ever since the creation of my first demo reel I've been pretty dissatisfied with how it came out. And that dissatisfaction has only increased as the months have gone by.

And I've made many blog posts venting my frustration with macromedia and adobe and other softwares when it comes to the fulcrum of turning a swf into a video file.

Well! Thanks to my good friend Thor (who is a very wise and educated chap when it comes to art and animation) showed me a new way of making video files.
SMOOTH video files.

And so thanks to him and a large grant from the Friendly Feathered Fisherman Funding Foundation I was able to produce a NEW demo reel with MUCH better visuals that dont destroy all my keys and make everything into a choppy mess.

so here it is

If you go to its actual youtube page you can click the "high quality" button to see it in much larger and sharper visuals.

I am so happy with how it came out.

Anyways, since today was Mike's birthday he and I made delicious nachos with muenster cheese and drank some sort of tasty oolong tea and then had some cookie cake. Then we went to Ybor, wandered around, I picked up the newest issue of Reax and then home we went.

And today Mike will be heading back to Orlando to celebrate his and John's birthday.

In other news, Valve has been releasing updates for the Scout in team fortress 2. Which is great. You can stun people from long distance with a baseball, which I'm sure is going to cause many FlCl-esque screenshots to flood the already bloated "amusing screenshots from tf2" marketplace. AND you now have an energy soda that makes you run super fast and turn invincible.

Unfortunately this update will make it where even Scouts can kill sentries easily. They better update the engineer next, cause the engineer is pretty fucked. An un-ubered demoman,soldier, or heavy can easily take out a sentry without dying. And a Pyro from the correct angle can do it as well. And spies can sap the things to death.
Engineers are becoming almost useless. They need to update 'em. Soon.

blah blah blah

you get the idea.



It appears the comic book I did a page for called ONE-SHOT has been published and distributed properly.

So for those who care, you can see how to get it here: One-Shot

This comic was organized by my friend Hans and is chock full of various short comics by various people.


Pinao212 said...

Hmm. I should play TF2.
Anyways, nice demo reel! I love the clips from Polypeptide! It makes me all the more excited for it.
And, (kind of responding backwards here) Sunshine is indeed the coolest sci-fi movie EVER. FOR SHIZZLE.

smirkstudios said...

Very nice demo reel. I recognized the snowman tentacle thingy from your cartoon on Newgrounds. Nice work on everything!

Haroshi said...

nice reel man ;D