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Thursday, March 05, 2009

and evil so vile will not live in veil

"you must be positively knackered"

An accurate description of my current state, said by weebl after he had given me the OK on the latest cadbury cream egg film had been completed. A parody of Sunshiny by Danny Boyle.
The previous one was a parody of Ghostbusters
and I think I can embed it lets see what happens

hmm. well that didnt work. go there instead.

But with these things, I have been quite busy. On top of that, Gerkinman and I have to finish this music video before April hits.
So I am a very busy man. Very very busy. Very.

Hence why I havent made a blog post in a while. And i really dont have much to put in this one, since I havent had time to draw or paint anything substantial in about a month.

holy shit google images and yahoo images are both fucking RUINED. By Flickr. Fuck flickr. I am tired of how every time I am looking for photos, I get a million blurry photos from flickr that cant be viewed at full size. Its absolutely ridiculous.

blah blah watchmen is out
i missed megacon
mike and john are in chicago as we speak
spy got the sidestab back
cumin is what gives chili its flavor
life continues

all i've done all day is animate this possum thing and listen to "Mechanical Lullaby" off the Coraline soundtrack.

That movie was incredible. I am so gettin that once its out whenever that is.
Well I am 'knackered' to death. Good day.

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