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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

all it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to

I dont watch much tv these days. Frasier is over, and I'm usually too busy animating or hanging out with my friends (currently in chicago) to watch it. Other than getting to watch Flapjack, Chowder, CSI and the Mighty B on occasion, I dont watch alot of television.

But one show I DO make a priority to try to watch every night is Conan O Brien. The gangly leprechaun of comedy. Me and my father have watched his show for years.

Recently ol Conando has been taken off the air because he will soon be taking up Jay Leno's slot. Jay is being shifted to another time slot. In his absence, NBC has filled the void with a far less entertaining person. Jimmy Fallon. The eternally out of breath gent who used to host weekend update with Tina Fey, who left SNL, starred in a terrible movie with Drew Barrymore, and then disappeared off the planet. Only to reappear every night at 12:30 with jokes so bad, it spawned this following chat convo:

reptilicus> jimmy fallon
reptilicus> is so
reptilicus> SO
reptilicus> terrible
reptilicus> why is this man on tv
rtil> hahaha
rtil> i saw his show once and wondered the same thing
Pheorach> Who the fuck is Jimm- oh that fag.
reptilicus> seriously
reptilicus> he just told this joke
reptilicus> word for word
* reptilicus is now known as jimmy_fallon
jimmy_fallon> today the republicans are attacking obama
jimmy_fallon> because obama wants to directly negotiate with the taliban
jimmy_fallon> obama replied
jimmy_fallon> i'd rather deal with the taliban than the republicans
jimmy_fallon> heh hah
* jimmy_fallon is now known as reptilicus
reptilicus> AND THAT IS THE JOKE

Not kidding.
That was the best part of the monologue. This show is worse than during the writers strike when Carson daily had a guy come on stage and silently make mixed drinks while Carson and his guest sat there in complete awkward silence for 30 minutes.


enough ranting about the terrible state of late night NBC television and more talking about what I've been up to.

thats what
The new Goovies Sunshine parody is out now. You can watch it here

I also completed a short 25 second cartoon about Possums for Weebls-Stuff which I made in about a day. You can view of it here: AUSTRALIA
i'm quite pleased i managed to make it nice in such a short amount of time.
and here is a illustration of one of the possums that never made it into the cartoon

For the last couple of days I've been working my butt off on me and Gerkinman's film.
Now is rush time to finish this project.

And here are some screenshots from that thing again

and numero dos

Other than peeking my head up to watch a bit of ACE VENTURA (which rescued me from having to watch more Jimmy Fallon), I've been working on this thing all friggin night!

Also, and this is mainly to Mike in chicago who will be back on thursday, Mike, Steak and Shake are changing their whole menu. They will have hot dogs and other awesome shit. We can fooden there yet again.

over and out.

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HillyBilly Mcgee said...

Whell chee chee chee chee chee chee chee chee chee chee! It's me! Hillybillymcgee! I gots dun readin on yer bloge posts and I gotsta say dat indeed was a luvely reed. I specially liek the part bout dem possums, I gots a possum once in me parch and I gots to whackin him and moseyin him right of dat dar parch, you know what mean, YALL KNOW!