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Monday, April 13, 2009

i have the body of a pig hahahaha

today i am some sickly amalgamation of harrison ford, nicholas cage, and brendan frasier because I have solved a mystery that has long plagued my mind and the internet.
long long long long long long ago back in the 80's and early 90's, nickelodeon would show short films and odd commercials from time to time.

One of these was a fascinating short film that started with a woman's hands playing piano. And a very catchy piano melody at that. And as she played the camera zoomed away from her and out the window and across a road and through reality itself.
It was crazyness.
Anyway. Apparently everyone forgot this film existed because noone, not even the nostalgic veterans who have uploaded every old piece of media to ever come from nickelodeon, seem to remember it existed.

well my friend Sashura found it. I dont know how she did but she found the webpage of the artist who made it.

bee hold.

if you click the quicktime link the film plays. but fate is a cruel mistress because the film plays 10 times faster than it's supposed to and there is no sound.


perhaps someday it will be put online at normal speed with the piano music intact.

blah blah blah

I entered a contest. Yes. Another one. I never learn do I?
this one is for some thing i've not heard of but they wanted animation so I sent them Squaresville.

theres my entry

it seems only the toons with high scores make it to the final round where the panel of judges who may or may not be fictional will vote on it.
theres a nice prize, and I dont have anything to lose here, so I figured "WHY NOT"

at least it doesnt have to be fresh original content, eh?.


i fear mentally-detached has permanently absconded from the internet. he never calls. he never writes. he never calls to say he's going to write about calling.

and to make matters worse, his website is dead. all his music and content is off the internet except for the parts in the music videos i made for him.
he came back online last june and gave me and redmongoose two completely different reasons as to why he had disappeared. and now he's gone again.

he probably wont even get to see polypeptide when it gets finished.

speaking of polypeptide i have completely thrown the old concepts for the gangsters car out the window
they were too complex and looked like an alien version of a winnebago or lincoln town car.

so i came up with a new car concept that i am sticking with

i'll probably need to render it in 3d but since its made out of such simple shapes that should be relatively easy to do.

speaking of, i need to get to work.

I also drew god for some reason


heres a bit of happy news. salazar the snake managed to shed all his skin tonight without my help. and he did it one swift and efficient motion. today....he is a man.


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omg... that nickelodeon thing... i totally remember the stamp and the lunchbox parts... i forgot all about that one.