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Friday, April 10, 2009

the skull was carved open for the delicate brains inside

mytoons is dead

it wasnt a great site. a few lackluster contests, and an ugly new redesign made it rather subpar. but it was still miles ahead of deviantart's pornographic setting and audience, and eons ahead of sheezyart (deviantart's hideous furry half-sister).

all my art is offline now except for what i've posted in my blog.
which means if someone wants to see a painting i've made (lolol) they'd have to trounce through the whole blogs posts in order to find it.

and sadly, the only decent new art and design website to come along in forever,, was taken down by its creators for a redesign which never happened so it's dead as well.

i'm not joining deviantart again. after being banned for telling off a pervert who enjoyed their domestic pet a bit too much, that place can die in a fire.
sheezyart is full of the exact sort of people i DONT want to be around. click the browse button there and get an eyefull. pervs and weeaboos. has kids half my age who paint things a billion times better than I could. just glancing at the forums is depressing. that and i dont have any of the funky technologic photoshop brushes alot of them seem to use. :[
satellite soda is dead. cgsociety is mostly for 3d people. 3d being something i both suck and blow at.
all the neat indy art websites have become wordpress/twitter art blogs.
zazzle's a store not an art site.
flickr is the cancer that has killed google and yahoo image search.

very aggravating.

it reminds me how a guy i know's girlfriend just got a piece of her art featured in the new "SPECTRUM" art book. (yes that same spectrum you see near the comic book and scifi section at bookstores).

and i STILL dont want to start a personal site because its still a pain in the ass.

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work continues on polypeptide.

something i learned very recently in the last couple of days is that animating a hand snapping its fingers is ridiculously hard. several hours begot this:

this particular scene in polypeptide is done.
the only thing holding it up is that i havent solidified a car/spaceship design i like for the yellow tetris-block headed gangster antagonist of the film.
i drew up some concept sketches for a vehicle but i look back and they dont really look like something a sleazy conman would drive.

anyway, this scene where a bunch of characters (all cameos from animator friends of mine) gawk at a violent scene and then walk off nonchalantly is done.

from left to right they are anigen, gerkinman, lenko biscuit (whose art you should recognize if you hang around /co/), fawx, psi43, shirt turtle, bigarmybug.

i wish i still had that drawing i did of "satan's limo"
it was such a neat drawing. it'd be perfect for these gangsters.

As mentioned previously and to much great joy and clog-dancing, the Like a Brother video for the band The Basics. Well very soon now it should be online.
Both on youtube and newgrounds. The band will apparently project the video on a giant screen behind them when they premier the song later on tour. I hope to all holy christ someone videotapes that cause seeing something that I, a neckbearded hairy animator living in a dark little room in florida, have made being projected behind a band at a concert with thousands of fans screaming for them I think will be perhaps one of the coolest damn things ever.

also i think all the fleas are dead. haven't seen one in at least a week. which is a good sign.
i can sleep with my socks off again.

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