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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Somebody left a mummy on that bench!

Man what a busy last couple of days.

First things first at my job, one of my favorite managers, KC, just quit. I could understand why. The job is a pain now and he wasnt happy with the direction the company was going. He was really unhappy there and I could tell.
Which meant it was time to get a new manager.
And this could mean anything. You just never know. We got a chap named Maurice. He's from New Orleans. He's very strict, very by-the-book. However he is also (thus far anyway) very nice. We'll see how that works out.

However all this hubub has made it difficult for me to finish a new episode of weebl and bob which I had to rush to put together tonight. Still waiting on word back on THAT. On top of all that apparently I pushed a few too many buttons on newgrounds and got my account locked by the admins. Its kinda funny actually.

And then on top of ALL OF THAT, I finally finally finished my damn painting.
Its a massive image. I'm uploading a shrunk down version which is roughly 1/10 its actual size. It was a 300 mb file. But its done now, thank god.

The Zodiac. I myself am a Libra and actually do resemble the creature in the bottom left. As with alot of things, my sense of accomplishment for this thing is dwindling quickly the more I look at it. A few friends of mine wanted it in poster form so I stuck it on my Zazzle account where anyone can buy it as a print.
So here it is for print for those who want it.


Haha oh wow, there is a Scooby Doo live action TV show on cartoon network. Jesus Christ can this network suck any harder now. I mean really.
Speaking of, apparently at their panel at the San Diego Comic Convention, Pendleton Ward and Thurop v Orman who make FLAPJACK will be there.
But more interestingly a Mr.C.H.Greenblatt the currently fired animation director of the currently unjustly cancelled cartoon show Chowder is attending. Which is odd considering how upset he's been at the network in his blog.
On top of that I know alot of very angry fans are going to the panel.

I know I may be optimistic but I hope something happens. Like Greenblatt snapping and saying what he really thinks about the company in front of a crowd of people. Or a riot breaks out. Or someone calls out one the execs attending the panel and asks them why they are raping their channel and trying to turn it into a poor-man's version of Teen Nick. Someone needs to get publicly insulted for this bullshit.

But I'm sure that wont happen and it will be a peaceful panel full of people too shy to ask the hard questions and the network will continue to die slowly as more and more artists find themselves out of work.


Not a day after I redesigned my blog, when I was informed by my friend Rob Halford that the whole thing had been ruined by forces beyond my control.

Apparently Imageshack, the long standing provider of free image hosting whom I had been using to host all the imagery on my blog for ages now, has been hacked.
All the images on imageshack (and on this blog) were turned into big black squares with the hacker's little speech in white letters sprawling across it.

Sadly like most modern day Hackers, this individual didn't make any sort of real point. The entire speech was a bunch of pseudo-philosophical garbage that made no sense and kept referencing full disclosure.

Good job whoever you are. You managed to hack a popular website, but you have no clue how to convey your rebellious message to the public.



Well I just watched a fetus sing a really boring song on youtube. That is a sign its time to call it a night.


Anthony said...

In all honesty, Newgrounds is supervised and moderated (also filled) by an incredible lot of self-sufficient pretentious greater-than-thou blind and def idiots. Except Tom, the only "scientical" staff member. Artists with ideas are not (or no longer) welcome there.

On another hand, your painting is impressive. I mean, when the whole thing appear, it leaves you in awe. I must say that the Lion looks somehow odd, but that's just me, maybe the Newgrounds fags will like it. Hope you find a site to showcase this, because it's effing great man.

And finally, I think Cartoon Network fell apart when Genndy Tartakovsky left. Samurai Jack was the last shows for both kids and adults on the channel.

RobHalford said...


Anonymous said...

i don't care much for this new blog format you concocted. But hey, it's your blog, do what you want with it.