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Friday, November 20, 2009

somebody fill the bathtub with nilla wafers, im gonna take a cookie bath

So much to talk about.

First things first, I'm going to take a quick vendetta against a company publicly on this blog. For the first time in a LONG time since I got 'popular on the internet' someone is trying to take credit for videos I have made.

Its surprising too because the shit they are trying to take credit for aren't even my cartoons. They're trying to take credit of my webcam video where I am holding my brother's pet snake.


That is my worth on the internet, folks. Noone wants to steal my cartoons anymore, oh no. They want blurry yellow footage of a ball python in my hand hovering in front of a 1-centimeter high webcam in Tampa, Florida.

That is worth more to these people than my films.

Now the fact of that doesn't surprise me. Its the WAY these fuckers did this. And how they are STILL doing this.

Basically I signed into my account (an account I might add that I've been trying for a couple months now to get upgraded into a YoutubePartners account so that maybe i can make some $$$$ off the free bullshit I sling up on there) and find a message that says:


Who are GoDigital Media? Google them. I'm not linking to them and giving them any free hits.

They are one of those fancy Web 2.0 media companies that specializes in digital marketing and distributing music. Apparently they also like to stake claims on videos of snakes.

I already filed a "dispute" with Youtube and sent these people an angry email (that'll show 'em!!!) but they already have tried to claim copyright on AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT VIDEO which I uploaded just minutes ago, which I will be posting on this blog.

But of course youtube won't do anything because it's run by featureless bots that reside in servers with no human beings around to talk to or deal with. So now both of my videos have big ol ads in them which I assume make money for GoDigital Media.

And I can't do a thing about it.

As for the new video I uploaded, here's the story about that.

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that I had managed to get myself a Kinder Surprise egg from a local german bar.
Well today me, Mike (who gave away his new cat already), John, and Jack all went there again.
And lo and behold what do I see, but GIANT KINDER EGGS.
These things were huge. Like a 7 inch long chocolate egg with hazelnut inside.
And within that? A capsule, like the others.

Except this one was a good 3 times larger and had an actual toy inside and not just an eraser with a preston blair face carved into it.

And inside was a wind-up Hippo. Apparently it's supposed to do backflips. Well guess what?

They dont think it be like it is.
But it do.


In other news, my lovely employer Weebl gave me a new episode of Weebl and Bob to do. Which I did. And here it is.


I'm actually really proud of how the brick bounces off Bob's head in this. It seems like it has real weight to it. Which is hard to do in flash.

As I might have mentioned in the last post, me and my friends Billy and Lenko have been working on a game.
Lenko recently first released the design of the main character, Radish.

In the last post I also showed a very early shot of the environment of the first level. Well since then, Billy has made it much more complex. Got the lighting properly done. Smoothed out the textures I painted.
We also added stalactites and animated waving grass but you cant see them in this new shot.

But as you can see, it's alot more complex now.
On a quick note, this won't be an iphone game. Billy is aiming to get it onto the Xbox Live Arcade. How cool would that be? To see a game I made on tv. I think I pooped a little just thinking about it.

Anyway here's the new screenshot.

I'm quite excited!
Obviously I will post more news and screenshots as they come along.

I got pressure sensitivity working for all my art software.
Thus far it's only worked on Alias Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage.

Now it works in Flash, PaintShopPro9 and Photoshop 6. I've been struggling with trying to get it to work for a year now, all I needed was some 4 mb driver to be installed in my Toshiba laptop.

And it's been VERY interesting to use Photoshop (a program I dont like much) and PaintShopPro as a PAINTING program and not just "here are some filters to dump on your horrible art and call it a day" program.

Last "art" I made in PaintShopPro was this thing:

So obviously, I'm very spoiled on art rage. As I figured it would, painting in PaintShop and PhotoShop just feels too much like I'm piling blobs of pseudo-transparent circles on each other and trying to make an image with them.
Which is why I liked Art Rage because it FEELS like a brush.

Either way, heres some speed paintings I did just to try get into the 'feel' of doing things this way.

I pretty much have to get good with using Photoshop and this tablet because pretty much anyone who is even mildly OK at Photoshop makes art that trumps mine in every conceivable way. So maybe I can improve in that aspect.

This is the first painting I've made in Photoshop since I abandoned college:
(its 3 megabytes for no reason)

I had to fall back on the crutch for bad photoshop artists known as "render clouds"
they are quite easy to see.

Next I tried painting a sea monster. That seems to be a big theme over at the conceptart and cgsociety websites. Both sites which are overflowing with people way WAY better at this than me. And alot of them half my age too. Depressing.

Anywho, Sea Beastie

And then in PaintShopPro I tried using the selection tool (which at one point was my best friend in terms of digital art) with freehand and using the oil brush to make this painting of my spooky Joker bank robber mask.

I'll just have to keep fiddling with these and practicing.

Although I dont think I'll ever get as good with them as I am with Art Rage.
God damn I love that software.

Heres a short comic full of in-jokes from a webforum I hang out on too much.
Dont worry if you dont get the jokes. In fact I'd recommend not reading it at all.


I shaved my neckbeard today back into a slim, sexy, and devilish goatee.
The way it should be.

However this didnt stop someone from finding a picture of a man who looks rather alot like me unshaven.

This is not me. BUT, it looks ALOT like me. It's actually a bit frightening. This is like me if I were Caucasian.

Luckily my beard is no longer this big.

I have nothing else to talk about, so please, enjoy this gif of a Pyro in team fortress 2 doing what noob pyros do best:

running head first into danger and dying in embarrassing ways. In this case, to some pumpkins full of dynamite.
(click to see the animation)


Lets get going and fix it right. Twist and turn. Make it tight.


I also started up another blog for a bit of an art project. I'm not going to post it here. If you are clever, you can find it.

Its about something I mentioned I wanted to do on here previously. Obviously because its a rather large project, I wont update it as much as this one.

The new Mario Bros game came out a couple days ago. And like a fool I didn't preorder it at work. Which means we wont get any copies in to buy PLUS I dont get a lovely 20% off employee discount from the total price. Which considering its a wii game I'm sure is like 40-60 friggin dollars.

Anyway bye.


Anonymous said...

GoDigital just did the same thing to me, and I used royalty-free stock production music in my videos.

Other people have complained about GoDigital doing this to them recently as well, some with videos using classical music like Beethoven in their videos. So apparently GoDigital owns Beethoven? Bach? Chopin?

Once GoDigital makes a claim, it never, ever goes away, even if they are wrong. They counter-protest your protest automatically, and then cheerfully inform you that they won't pull your video or mute your audio when you contact them via email. If you ask them bluntly which "catalog" they own contained the stock music you used, they will not answer. Yet, their claim still stands and the ads still play on your video. Plus, your video may be blocked in some countries.

They're an utter scam. A scam which exists simply to slap adspace on people's videos. And the way YouTube is set up, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about them.

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