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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Left for good. Took the corpse.

270th blog entry

truly, the climax of my life's achievements!


There are some interesting constants of life that I feel I must list:

A.) getting paid for anything always feels good

B.) nekromantik is a sick sick little film that I forgot existed until I saw a clip of it in a compilation video on some video website.

C.) pepper is good in anything and with anything and pepperjack cheese should be the only kind of cheese.

The kind folks over at Aniboom & the History Channel sent me the first half of my money.
That was a nice surprise. They also sent more stuff for me to draw, so back to work I must go eventually.

Tomorrow I get to work a nice short shift at the video store. 5-10. Hopefully I can steal away some time to buy some peppercorn dressing.

I've been listening to ALOT of Chris Botti music lately. I happened to overhear him on a jazz channel on aol radio that Kenny G apparently operates.
Thus, I added some Botti music to my blog music player which does not function most of the time anymore for me. I don't know if it still works for everyone else, but it sure doesn't work for me.

Those of you who still read this, feel free to chime in on this technical issue. If there IS indeed an issue maybe I need to find a better site for blog music.

Left 4 Dead 2 is out. I haven't gotten to play it myself because this PC would never run it ever in a million billion years. However I have learned that apparently there is a GNOME level just like in Half-Life.
That gives me a good chuckle.

Work continues on the "learn how to use photoshop" front.
Not....alot of success.

But some.

I managed to download some brushes that I like (and work in photoshop 6) and have been tooling about.
A batman and a joker. With a small reference to the animated series.

A couple days later I tried to do a "legit" art in photoshop. And I think I might have succeeded. Or at least, succeeded enough to bother putting it in my portfolio.

Thats some progress, right? I hope.

Other than photoshop I decided to dick around in flash with the new pressure sensitivity. And I have decided that, should I ever get the wiley idea to make a comic or comic book again....I will use flash for the inking.
I just like the way it looks.
And I like the way this drawing came out.
It may be the best thing I've ever drawn. Abraham Lincoln punching out Godzilla.

In fact I'm so pleased with this seemingly random drawing that I stuck it on a shirt.


Billy sent me a file the other night. I wasn't sure what it was. It was some sort of Microsoft application file. It didn't open at first and I had to 'install' it before the exe would open.

But oh man.

It was the first 3d build of Wonder Knight, the game we've been working on. Floating in lovely 1080p. I could rotate the 3d object in midair. The animated grass I made was there.

It was so cool to see my stuff in 3d that didn't SUCK.

The Mighty B is cancelled and I am ANGRY.
It had such a crappy time-slot and had so little chance to survive.
God damnit.

I have a leetle friend. His name is Mr.Scriblam.
He is a flash animator who rarely makes cartoons, but when he does they are always funny or entertaining or both.

And I'm going to post some here because I have nothing constructive to say.


My other friend Jacob Seed showed me a wonderfully comical horror film the other day called Trik 'R Treat.
I recommend it!


Aaaaaand I'm out of crap to type.
Have a happy thanksgiving.


Sparkpro said...

the music player works for me and happy thanksgiving to you to.

mrscriblam said...

oh stop it

mrscriblam said...
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Cataclysm Studios said...

Music player works just fine for me

Willem Wynand said...

Music plays works fine, mayb your flash plugin is having trouble? reinstall/update? =) i like the photoshop piece =) very nice
goodluck =)

Thomas said...

ha ha biker turkey. that's interesting because an old friend of my father's dropped by yesterday afternoon that we hadn't seen in seven years. He is a big stereotypical Harley guy.