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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bless the weapon, the one it's chosen. Coveleski


I finally reached my nerve's end with my computer. I finally could not take it anymore.
I can no longer use this 800mb of ram 2ghz ati radeon express 200 series piece of time capsule dos-suckling technological cube of ancient glitchy kernal-destroying windows-is-out-of-virtual-memory-every-15-minutes BULLSHIT BOX.

I want to be able to edit a 2 minute video in less than 4 hours.
I want paintshoppro to not need to take several minutes to load its tools.
I want to be able to use adobe aftereffects and final cut pro and maya and reason.
I want to be able to burn dvds.
I want to be able to play my games at a frame rate higher than 4.

Thusly, I have decided to build myself a machine of vast power and infinite wisdom.

Currently it is a work in progress.
A very expensive work in progress.

Hopefully my brother's pc savvy friend can help me get this thing optimum enough via alternative parts based off Raphael's original part suggestions to make this thing a LOT less expensive.

Or not.

I'm at the point where I don't care as much. I just want to put it together. Place it on my desk. And use it. Make magic with it. Pwn some n00blets with it.


in other news its about 30 degrees here in Florida and I HATE it. I HATE the cold.
I also hate these "loony toons" movies that are basically clips of the old theatrical shorts poorly edited, sliced, and pasted together into "movies"
like bug's bunny's 1001 arabian tales. and daffy's ghost hunting agency.


I've also grown to really hate my job these last two weeks. Doing janitorial work, customer service far beyond the call of duty, sorting an entire store of movies, and being stuck in a tiny cold building with an old woman who cant find the spacebar while she lectures me about the most inane and retarded subjects...just isn't worth....the tiny pathetic pay.
On top of that there should never be only 2 people working shifts at a store on a Saturday. Especially a holiday like New Year's. Especially when one of the people is completely useless and computer illiterate. Making me the main person holding down the fort and doing pretty much everything.
I'm fine with taking the brunt of work. I had to do it at Target (a far worse job with better pay) and now I'm doing it at the video store. But having someone SHRIEK at me like I'm a child when I'M the one keeping us afloat is just far too infuriating to be a part of.

They want to promote me to manager but unless the pay increase is fucking massive, I'm a memory.


And I have nothing else of interest to talk about.
Comment moderation has begun. This means when you comment you'll have to enter text from one of those vague blurry little randomly generated jpegs that alot of message boards use to keep bots out.

Apparently Blogger no longer has spam control. And the bots apparently want to send me naked miley cyrus or some other stupid crap which they feel needs to be pasted a million billion times a row in each comment.




RobHalford said...

At least you're getting the hours man.

I "have" a job at a sports store in the mall where I've collected one paycheck over a 4 month span and been paid just over minimum wage.

Oh, and about the cold. We're about -20-25F right now without wind chill.

But then again, my store had a heater that kept things around 70F.

Anonymous said...

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