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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I can see him through the wall. I can see his face. I hope that I never see that face, ever, outside of a dream.

A few modifications later and voila!
My computer was just what I wanted it to be!
And it was just under $900 thanks once again, to Raphael.

Here are the stats:

Got it with special fast delivery and rush processing. So the various parts should be here in a few days.

And then



Until that time comes, some gaming has been had. Watched Mike play and beat Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

A fun sandbox game that came nowhere near to meeting its potential.

What starts as a delightfully cruel excercise in physics and "watch me throw this exploding barrel at that stormtrooper with the Force as his dead body knocks his buddies out the space window" dwindles very quickly into "dash around quickly to avoid homing missiles shot by wave after wave of weird purple troopers whom the force cant move or affect despite them being much lighter than much larger objects you've thrown several times in the game. Spam force lightning on everything"

You get a bunch of sweet combo lightsaber moves. But they all take like 2-4 second to execute with is more than enough time for the enemies (who can shoot you at any range and have perfect accuracy) to bring you down with their automatic laser rifles and turrets and homing missiles and sniper lasers.

Your dash is for trying to get out of the way of projectiles (since some enemies can use the force as well. as can most bosses who are Jedi/Sith). In later parts of the game however, this ability becomes near useless as objects that enemies throw move far faster than you can dodge. And as your character's body ragdolls all over the room taking damage, the enemies patiently wait for your corpse to hit the ground, upon which they proceed to shoot you with as many bullets as they can during the 10 seconds it takes for the amazing Jedi to lug himself off of the incredibly slippery floor.

The last 2 levels in particular become less about trying to be a Jedi and more about trying to outsmart the game's A.I. to get kills when the odds are impossibly stacked against you.

"if i stand over this enemy's head on this bridge he cant shoot me nor is he smart enough to move. but maybe i can get close enough to the edge of the bridge to shoot him with more force lightning"

The best part of the game was the first level. The game starts with you playing Darth Vader himself on the wookie's homeworld. The whole level is you DEMOLISHING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT with AMAZING POWER as wookies and ships and cottages and bridges and trees and blood flies fucking everywhere. Amazing.

If the sequel can be as fun as level 1, it will be a masterpiece.


In other news after reading the Nicolas Cage as Everyone blog, I was so inspired I decided to make my own.

So I placed Nic Cage to play the central character in my favorite guilty pleasure of a dumb film from 2 years back.

Cloverfield: starring Nicolas Cage

Tonight's post ends with a LOOK BACK at a film my friend Nogfish made. It is titled Death of the radio and is a metaphor of an allegoric symbol of the compulsions of mankind and all we do.
It also has a dancing tv.

good day.

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