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Monday, January 18, 2010

looks like the vegetable garden got their salad tossed...

Tis fixed. I think.

The PC that is. For the time being. Raphael even got my sound to work.

And it seems to run everything thus far very very very well.

Hopefully I can soon get flash cs3 and Z-Brush running on here. Maybe XSI Softimage or something.
Something to do 3d with.


The general consensus on commissions seemed pretty positive.

So when I have free time I'll probably make a post for it or something. But I need to get free time again first. The first of these Cadbury cream egg things is due today.

Still waiting for him to get back to me on it. Never did I think I would ever animate two eggs sawing each other's massive hair off with a particle beam from ghostbusters. But thats what I did today.

And I enjoyed it.

And he just got back to me and said I did a good job. Huzzah!


For comparison to how much more powerful this pc is.

Here is how the game Team Fortress 2 (quite a memory hog) used to look for me.

This is how it looks now for me:

Even levels like Frontier (which are notorious for lag and frame rate dips) run like a dream. Frontier, by the way, is probably the best "moving control point" level I think has ever and will ever be made. The map design is staggering.

And of course, here is how the game will look in the future when it becomes Team Fortress 3. Now with 14 classes, 8 billion polygons per character, and an entire motion picture as the games intro. It will be released in 2018, shortly before Half Life Episode 3.

Here you can see the Contructioneer putting the finishing touches on the fort itself. The whole thing must be built before it can be defended via war and bloodshed. A Rifleman stands nearby, surveying for Saboteurs who might drop from the trees and shuriken the Constructioneer in his face.

Here you can see the Defuser, and the Hazmat both diligently patrolling the base. One with an array of poison gasses, and the other with a unique set of tools to defuse any time bombs left by the Bomb Squad inside the premises. In the back stands the Governess, who surveys, gives orders, and stars in bad fan fiction.


Last blog post I asked about "wut i did komishins" and the response was pretty positive.

I will do commissions. In the near future. But not yet. Not until these Cadbury things are done. They eat up alot of time.

I'll probably set some ground rules too. Although other than the shit I bitched about in the last post, I cant imagine anything worth putting down as a rule.

Maybe "please dont send me emails that say TOOT TOOT HERE COMES THE MAN BOAT SET SAIL FOR DICK" because funny as that is, its not an art request, nor does such a boat exist.

That'd work.

As long as I have your attention, maybe some of my readers (never thought i'd ever say that here) could suggest music to put onto my lil' music player up in the corner.
The more obscure, the better. My ears are filthy whores that need fresh content inserted inside them as often as possible.
Those curious about what my music "tastes" are need only click here.


The hope of my redemption
is such that I believe that I am free
To confess would bring me no salvation
I alone hold the power to forgive me

And of my acts, I will admit, I've no pretensions
I've no regrets for all the things that I have done
My faiths, to me, are as foundations
None has the right to judge my soul but me

There is no going back
No quarter now remains
No return for me, no sanctity
A single chance prevails
The fields behind laid waste
No doubt, no amends to make
at break of day
until the light fails
march ever on

- Precipice, VNV Nation


I think I'm out of crap to type.
So enjoy these two videos my friends made recently.

An unintentionally funny clip from a horribly dubbed cartoon that RedMongoose isolated.

Ukinojoe, adopting his Metaphor128 persona to make an amusing rant on video games.

Speaking of Ukinojoe, I only just recently learned that his sister is Meredith Gran, the author of Octopus Pie. Which is a very good 'slice of life' sort of webcomic.

That reminds me I dont have a "webcomics I like" section on my links here. I'll do that tomorrow maybe. Get Octopus Pie, Qwantz, Gastrophobia, Boy on a Stick, and other such stuff I like on there.

Fun Fact: many years ago when I first discovered the internet, I had a webcomic myself. About the Dustbunnies. Back then, DrunkDuck (a site whose ass would later be kicked by keenspace and 20 other better sites), only had about 1/4 of a server. And crashed every 10 seconds. Literally. Good times.
They deleted my comic long ago.

The Dustbunny comics are still pretty good. I need to scan them and publish them already. Get that shit over with.

Blah blah blah.


systech said...

very nice

did you happen to get a new monitor along with everything else?

and then she said...

she said to me, she said "Mabel" she said

Justin Cacy said...

i think the song was lost after you got a new playlist but i cant find this specific song i heard on here once, and the only way i can decribe it is at the beginning it starts with the sound of water that "changes" into hands clapping =/ help?