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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died.

So a bunch of important things happened this week.

1.) finished a cartoon
2.) finished a short film
3.) finished fake trailer for short film
4.) met someone who owns a local video game studio. going there Wednesday.
5.) had massive pc crash. had to reinstall windows. rage ensued.
6.) managed to get out of jury duty
7.) ate some friggin DELICIOUS home-made hand-cooked delicacies of tex-mex cuisine at a local place called CALIFORNIA TACOS TO GO. Which has insane tacos and delicious crap. It's literally a shack on the side of the road next to an Army Surplus store. IF YOU LIVE IN TAMPA YOU MUST EAT AT THIS PLACE IT IS AMAZING.

1450 Skipper Road
Tampa Florida


The cartoon I finished this week was Sexy Robots for Weebls-Stuff.
Weebl put it up on his youtube account.

It's gotten pretty popular on Youtube.

Speaking of, apparently youtube lied to me. I'm NOT a youtube partner. They just gave me a partnership for ONE video. Thats it. SO, I cant upload anything longer than 10 minutes. Which means I cant upload the 20 minute extravaganza of a short film that me and my friends made onto youtube unless I break it up into parts. Something I don't feel like doing right now. So for the time being, only the film's trailer is on youtube but the movie is on Vimeo.

Here is the trailer:

Much like the trailer for the real movie, there is no interesting footage at all. Just lots of hype.

And here is the final film in all its low-budget glory.

Paranormal Passivity

So how did this come about. Basically after Paranormal Activity came out, me and my friends went to see it. While we agreed it was enjoyable but not really scary but impressive for a film made for pretty much nothing, there was more than plenty of material for us to make fun of. In fact pretty much all we did for the next few days was come up with amusing ideas of what would have happened if the demon ghost was just an asshole. But like alot of other silly ideas we've had (and there have been many we've come up with) we couldn't really create it namely because we had no camera.
Then I got a camera during a crazy black friday sale. And so, the movie was begun and over the course of 3 months we set out to film the cheapest spectacle of a lame indy horror we possibly could, with the fattest whitest fishing line we could get from Walmart.


Regardless this has been a productive week and I added some Donkey Kong Country music to my blog's music player.

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will use a potato peeler to remove all the flesh from my jowls.


Anonymous said...

I shat my pants three times.

systech said...

hahahaha, nice video

also whatwhatwhaaaaaaaaaat? what happened to your computer?

Hoogiman said...

zekey the filmmmm is hilarious

Anonymous said...


Paranormal Passivity was great.