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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You survived, but you brought another devil’s artifact into the world.

So as I sit here listening to some Chet Baker jazz, I'm trying to formulate a good way to go in depth about all the activities that been going on this week. In a way that's concise.
First a quick recap. Early last week I finished a short film which people seem to be enjoying. According to several online comments and mails, my voice is apparently very soothing. And "sexy" as one male put it, which I find flattering and really creepy at the same time.
I finished two cartoons. Sexy Robots which is a short musical thing. And L.O.S.T., which is a new episode of weebl and bob.

I also mentioned in the last post that I was going to be visiting a local video game studio. This was last Wednesday that I visited. So a quick rundown of what happened.
First things first, I got to go inside a house that doubles as a studio. Everyone there really likes my stuff. And they showed off all the crazy things they are working on that they want me to be a part of.
Then we drove down to Bruce Barry's Wacky World Studio where B.Barry and his team build all sorts of giant awesome props for various productions and studios and parks. I met Bruce, which was very very cool. Bruce also had seen my cartoons and enjoyed them. We all worked on editing a cabinet for something. Then afterward, we went to a lovely restaurant in Westchase called Stone something and had a drink.

Basically it was an amazing day and the stuff that's going to come out of this will be great.

On top of it all, this studio is only slightly farther away then my old job at Blockbuster, which I put in my 2 weeks notice at because I've been wanting to get out of there for a while.

So there you go.

I have gotten a studio job. An important one too! I'm the Game Producer guy. The guy I'm working for is a big head honcho too. He's been a part of a lot of big important video game studios and really knows his stuff.

In summary: hell yeah!

I have to be vague about it for the time being.
Let's just say I've crossed a huge threshold here and have been given a great opportunity.


In other news, Clampaste finally got fed up with the constant hacking of his minecraft server and installed a fancy new code. This new code keeps hackers away and gives people ranks. It also allows you to build more efficiently.
It also gives administrators the ability to be invisible, teleport users to them, and have several maps running in the same server simultaneously.
Here's a Mount Rushmore the regulars made around the giant zombie heads I often build in maps.
Yes, that is a daftpunk helmet.

And here you can see what I look like in game and how I fashion the heads to look like my zombie skin.

And here is a King Kong I built in the mountain map the other night out of boredom and because I rarely build any large structures. You can go in his mouth and fall into his stomach.


Also if you are a fan of the first two Shrek movies, you NEED to see Shrek 4. It's everything that the fuckin AWFUL Shrek 3 should have been.

There's a rumor the engineer update for tf2 is tonight. I really, REALLY doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for good news on your blog!

Didn't see your film yet, but I do remember your voice being very soothing in "The Really Bad Pun". Also I remember you talking about bees at some point. Maybe, by night, you could be a radio DJ, you've definitely got the voice for it.

Sexy Robots was also super fantastic.

Felix Colgrave said...

That's really great news about the game art thing thingy business job. Any rough idea on how much money you'll make in comparison to the video store? I'm surprised at how casually you mentioned giving your two weeks notice, after the many blog posts about how dearly you've wanted to get out of there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you might like this, Russian illustrations from The Hobbit:

Gollum is the best!

RobHalford said...

You've made it. Congrats, man.

I knew you were good enough to get a nice job.

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