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Friday, July 30, 2010

Doling out the garland to five

15 days since last post damn.

I've been a busy man. Horribley busy. The good news is, I finished coding a game. Now we just gotta playtest it.

Blah blah blah.

I'm mentally exhausted.
I cant even remember what I wanted to write in this post.

So a quick rundown of things I've been up to:

My dad's girlfriend got a baby kitten and I was lucky enough to take care of it for a day.
I recorded it so that all may share in it's cuteness.

I recorded new shenanigans involving Minecraft. This time with a brand new custom multiplayer server code that almost everyone is using now. It's pretty great.

And I put a bunch of OLD OLD stuff on youtube. Most of this is stuff that was made by me and my friend Mike between the years of 2002 and 2005. Most of it is nonsensical. Enjoy!

I also finished a new weebl and bob cartoon.
I got to design weebl's mother and a maximum security prison. Yay.
Petition episode.

In other news, my two favorite games these days have joined forces.
As seen here:

And more importantly, here:
Tf2 and Minecraft. Ebony and Ivory.

Needless to say this makes my inner fanboy do a dance of delight.

On top of that, Notch said he was going to get multiplayer survival of Minecraft working before next week. Now THAT is some news.



Pinao212 said...

That kitten is freaking ADORABLE.
Also it's been too long since I last commented here.
Congrats on finishing coding a game! Hopefully it will be very successful. I am actually just learning to do that so it's really exciting stuff to me.

Anonymous said...

You forgot TacoBus you fool.