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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

He's rubbing his hands on his face! Holy Cats!

Been there done that messed around,
I'm having fun don't put me down
I'll never let you
sweep me off my feet.

Mike and his various roommates and friends have bought.....drumroll....sweetroll....a House. Yeah a whole fuckin house! Well technically they are renting it. It's no crappy house either. It is a fancy house with a glass porch, a shed, and a massive forest.

Speaking of houses, behold my crappy little house in minecraft that I have slowly pieced together each night just before I go to bed:

You may notice the red letters marking some features. Here is a quick rundown.

(A) is a short tunnel leading to the front door. Glass surrounds it so I can peak outside at any monsters scurrying about. The glass goes just high enough to allow me to see how my crops are growing which are located around the pool. (C)

(B) is Scree Pond. It is filled from Scree River located at (M) which cascades from the roof of my hill house downwards through a small corkscrew and filters into a trench making a river. Monsters tend to walk around it at night. Small forest of reeds surrounds it. There is also a small covered lava pit as there. Decoration.

(C) is the crops area. Theres none in the picture currently due to the fact I had to abandon my house for several in-game days to look for diamonds below the surface. Other than growing crops it also provides some nice backround noise.

(D) Pleugh Rivah. A man made river that exists for the pure purpose of having my minecart track located at (F) go over it and through the reeds surrounding it. To the right of it is a 4 square large infinite pool of water.

(E) Mob killing machine. A device of ingenuity designed to kill the various mobs of creatures in the game. Based off an idea dreamed up by another player, and slightly edited to fit my needs, it works very well. It is a never-ending whirlpool that sucks any creature down far enough to where they cant swim out. They drown and their carcasses are flushed into the basement of the building just on the surface, where the loot they drop is then collected. A bridge connects it to an area just above my front door at (A), allowing me to get to the machine high above any enemies that may kill me.

(F) is a minecart track with 3 carts on it that I made to carry goods out of the cave located at (J) however this idea was later canceled. The track exists now as nothing but something silly to ride. There is a motorized cart that pushes people (and creatures) around the track. Expanding soon.

(G) is the Watchtower. A large striped tower covered in torches. It exists so that if I'm lost or wander off too far, I can see where I need to go. It is a beacon to lead me back to my house. You can get lost very quick in this game.

(H) is Gentlemen's Way. A small flat plain of land with two canals. One of lava and one of water that flow in opposite directions. Against the cliff with the waterfall is chair where one can sit. There's also a back door with more glass. All my doors have pressure pads so that they automatically open when I go to them.

(I) is the creeper trap. Back when there were numerous creepers on the hilltop and lake that dubbed 'Creeperville' I would lead them to that hole where they couldn't escape from. Then cautiously thwack them with my sword or let them explode. I think I broke my game however as no monsters have appeared for a couple of days.

(J) is the pit that I have simply named "Horrors Beyond Knowledge". There is a sign there detailing why I shall never enter again. Nothing but long vertical tunnels, lots of skeletons and creepers, and lava lakes with NO DIAMONDS. A waste of time, resources and patience. I would rather watch the disgusting, pretentious, and stupid "Interior Semiotics" video 10 times in a row with 3D glasses than go back in that awful cave.

(K) The useless mines. First natural caves I found. Other than alot of coal, nothing. No diamonds, no iron, nothing. Wastes of time. However due to their depth and complexity, I have covered them in torches so I don't fall in at night. Possibly might return to them later. But doubtful.

(L) The Quarry. I got sick of having bad supplies and no lava. So, I took everything I had, made a small room with a door in the dirt so nothing could follow me, and tunneled diagonally downward. Found two dungeons, diamonds, lava, enough iron to drown a horse. A great place. And currently where I go to get lava when I need it.

(M) is a door that goes to my basement. It tunnels downward and sits underneath Scree Pond (B). It would have been my original mining quarry, but for some strange reason it was getting skeletons spawning in it, despite plenty of torches. So i flooded it with water and put some boxes inside. Now it's a storage room basement.

And that is my house. A hill with a cliff that has been hollowed out and made into that.

Speaking of minecraft, Notch released the multiplayer survival mode! Nothing works! But hey it's out finally. To celebrate kinda, I sent him this drawing I made. Fanart of his game. Hey don't complain I haven't posted art in weeks online.

I had a chocolate chip muffin from Dunkin Donuts today and it was better than any of their donuts could ever possibly hope to be.

Also theres a slim chance I might go to New York for a bit.

Anyway. Bye.


Anonymous said...

congrats on getting your drawing featured in the minecraft blog :)

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