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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Without an answer, the thunder speaks for the sky

(skip to the end for important news)

As of late I've been drinking alot of these new alternative versions of pepsi and coke products that use real sugar. Most indy colas use real cane sugar, whereas coke and pepsi still use corn syrup. Which, while tasty, isnt anywhere near as tasty as the cane sugar sodas. And they have proved it with these new lines. Pepsi and Coke and their various underlings are so much better with real sugar that I can't fathom why these new brands aren't more popular.



First things first I made an amusing short video a little while ago showcasing my astounding skill at video games.

Speakin of video games, Notch apparently liked my minecraft fanart and even posted it on his blog. Behold! My fanart of one of my favorite indy games on the blog of the person who makes the game!
This made me happy after my world in minecraft got erased due to a power outage. That and the fact my new world is full of shattered mountains. Feels good, man.
Speaking of, a tip to those new to minecraft: dont plant trees near lava. The tree will catch fire and burn down the whole forest and you along with it.

Also speakin of video games, someone on the tf2 forums suggested letting Gunslinger engineers build tiny cheap dispensers along with the tiny cheap sentries. I think its a good idea. When I'm a Gunslinger, I rarely build dispensers because they cost so much. Simultaneously, the same often happens to teleporters.
My idea was, use the canceled Repair Node model. Since it already resembles a tiny dispenser anyway. Then I drew this:


Moving on to another subject. I've gotten another freelance job of sorts. A certain unnamed company is making a flash animated half hour holiday special all with traditional animation. They are paying quite well. And because I'd worked with them before to produce this short for the History Channel, I went ahead and said YES to the offer.

How will this affect me in September? stay tuned to find out.

In far more important news that ANY of that.

I did something.

Something I should have done a long time ago. Or at least when I made my new PC.

Its not too much different from the old one but with alot less footage of old stuff and alot more footage of new stuff.

I'm not going to need a new one for a while. Woop.

And to end this post, enjoy this short vid of me and my friends at a local restaurant place that we've come to love. The Taco Bus.


Anonymous said...

Wow that guy who laughed and then ate the flan later on sure was sexy. I'm sure he gets all the ladies. I also get this deep-seated gut instinct that you cut all the slightly funny parts out of that video. Oh well, it's just a feeling.

And for that feeling, I shall write this: BURRRRRRRROOOOOOO!

Why? No reason.

Pinao212 said...

That right there is an awesome new Demo Reel, good sir!

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