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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'll see you in the Nightosphere you sick freak.

I'm a busy guy these days, it seems. Have a new music vid to do for weebl, been doing animation for a verizon thing. Doing backrounds for an online game. And now my old friend and fellow animator Andrew Kepple emailed me today wanting to bring me on to help with a music video. Although I'm not sure I'll be able to. Andrew and Co work traditionally for the most part (as do I) but I still work with an older version of the software. The original FlashMx.

Point is, I've actually got rather alot of freelance work to do right now. And CraigsList didnt help one bit!

Thanks Craigslist!


I ran out of my stockpile of Dustbunny comics. So I have begun to produce new ones. You can view the first new one I've done in years here. More will come but it means no more daily updates like I've been doing. If you haven't read the comics yet, then why not! See the mediocre sensation the whole net isn't talking about!

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is out. Guess what? FUCKINSUCKS.

New Kirby is out. Guess what? I'm totally gonna get it for no money in a few days thanks to the power of GiftCards! Yay!


I wish SquareEnix hadn't bought Taito and ruined the BubbleBobble / Bust-a-Move series.
That's a franchise that needs a revival by someone competent. That, Rainbow Islands, Puzzle Bobble and Liquid Kids. None of which will ever be played again I wager.
Especially Liquid Kids. NOBODY remembers that game except the company that ran the pc version of it in the really early 90's.
It's weird that King of Fighters got a decent revival. Metal Slug still stands strong after all this time. But Samurai Showdown / Bubble Bobble have been left behind to stagnate.
Regardless, I made a tribute to those old Taito classics.
I recreated Bobblun and Bubblun the dragons-who-once-were-kids-and-now-have-to-save-their-girlfriends-as-bubble-dragons from the Bubble Bobble and Bust-a-Move games. In minecraft.
Here's a few shots of them.

In other news, the main brain coders of the server I frequent figured out how to make bots that chase people down and kill them. And how to set up a system where you can render any image from a URL into a pattern of blocks.
Behold, first the new render thing.
It took a quick drawing I did in MSPAINT and made it into a big block series.

And here's the bots.

And to end this, here's a picture of the staff at the server. All done with bots as well. Encased in glass so they dont kill everyone.


Anyway yeah thats about it.


Willem Wynand said...

=)lol i like dustbunnies =). And yes they be a nice bubblez bobblez, and yes it is sad that there hasn't been a follow up.. but on the plus side the addictive song can be found here =)


qsc85213 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

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