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Friday, October 29, 2010

THAN punt the spoon in.

There's a rumor swirling around that Disney's next project will be a hand-drawn film based on Terry Pratchett's book "Mort"
I really really hope that this happens. And that if it does happen, that they dont wuss out and try to make it more politically correct or something. Like the whole scandal with Princess & The Frog where they changed the title and main character drastically because they were afraid of bad press from a few old racist morons.
But this is Disney.
It's pretty much guaranteed much of the thematic edge and humor of the book will be tossed out for fear of smudging the brand image, no matter how hard the directors might fight against it. Oh touchstone, where art thou?

Some studio made a Hogfather movie.
I'm afraid to see it. It looked rather awful from the cover.

The poster for Transformers 3 is out. Shockwave is in it. Who is Shockwave? A former worker for Megatron who is way more intelligent and way scarier than Megatron.
Basically comparing Shockwave to Megatron is like comparing Stalin to a drunken angry preacher throwing rocks awkwardly at someone.

Sadly, Michael Bay will fuck this up.
There is hope, however. The last movie was so bad, they can only get better from this point.

I've been busy as hell. But I've said that every blog post for the last month or so. It's true though. Somehow losing two jobs in a year has caused a literal mountain of freelance work to land in my lap and fiddle with my belt.
Some of this stuff will be released in the very near future and I'll get to show it to you guys hopefully.
At least one thing will. A thing that has to be done before the 14th of November when the new Harry Potter comes out. I'd tell you what it is but I'm rather certain it's meant to be a secret.

One thing I did finish which you can view here is a new cartoon for my boss, Weebl. It's a short cartoon about Benedict Cumberbatch.

It came out pretty good for something I rushed through in about three days or so.
Tried to get a bit of an Arthur de Pins color scheme to the whole thing, though lord knows I don't have an iota of Pins talent.

Those of you looking for new art I've done should really head on over to my comic where I'm actually bothering to occasionally paint some of the panels.
I can't let that become a habit though. Cool as it'd be to be one of those people who makes every comic a visual masterpiece I'd never get a whole comic done. Not with my schedule. Not that Dustbunnies is worth that sort of effort anyway.


And now videogame crap!

Valve once again outdid themselves this year. One thing I always thought would be fun in Team Fortress would be a map type that pits a Team against some insanely powerful NPC. And while some maps did similar things (GoldenMachineGun's boss battles where a player becomes a half-life monster and kills everyone. Or the SAXTON HALE server mod), none really did what I always hoped Valve would do themselves.

But hey they did it.
Halloween Update
TF2 now has a hilarious BOSS battle. And two gorgeous new maps. I seriously can't go on enough about how pretty these maps are. Modders and Mappers are doing some amazing things using the TF2 source engine and props.
The BOSS is a giant flaming purple skeleton with a pumpkin for a head and grinning axe who rises from the ground in the new Redmond Mann Manor map. He rises from the ground, puts on his head, adjusts it, scratches it, and then proceeds to KILL EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING NEARBY. Which it does easily thanks to it being very fast and like 14 feet tall with an axe thats like 6 feet long.

Is it fun? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. Is there now a huge potential for similar things to be added to TF2? Oh hell yes. I hope Valve fleshes out more things like this bot. It works way better than their normal player-mimic bots who enjoy plowing headfirst at brick walls.

I enjoyed this update so much I even went and recorded some of the amusing shenanigans going on when me and my friends Spite and BigArmyBug went into a modded server that had about 5 of these Horseless Headless Horsemen running around.

I took some screenshots as well.
The map is just too damn pretty.

And of course theres new hats as well. Wouldn't be TF2 without some silly new hats. Hats which have to either be earned through kicking the skeleton's ass or through the TF2 MannCo Store. So of course all the kids are whining about it like babies.
Actual fans of the game are enjoying the update too much to give a shit.

By the way Paranormal Activity 2 is hilarious. Please go see it.


here's a very brief and crappy glimpse at my Stalker halloween getup.

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