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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

she's morphine, queen of my vaccine

Please don't go....I'll eat you whole.....

Another new post in a matter of days? Yes that's right. This blog train has picked up steam and is chugging ahead. So you'd best bend over and open wide, cause she's comin' in at full speed.

For starters, after that drawing of Weaver I made in the last blog post, my friend Lagamuffin wanted me to draw him SLARK from Dota2. So I did so!

So today a new episode of BEARSHARK, the series I was working on over the last month and a half for Nintendo and Collegehumor, has premiered officially on the CollegeHumor website. Here it is in full glory for all to enjoy:

This episode was definitely the most difficult one out of the bunch to do. Constant changes in scenery with very detailed props for the backgrounds and foregrounds. And now that it's up I can share some of the finished and unfinished backgrounds I made for this project!

 The urge to make that toolbox look like the Engie's toolbox from Team Fortress 2 was overwhelming. BUT I RESISTED THE URGE TO DO SO.
As you can see outside of some trees and clouds I couldn't reconstitute many props.


I've been watching my friend Lawlcat play the new Tomb Raider on his livestream. Despite the new Tomb Raider looking like absolute shit at E3, this game is pretty nifty. I can only hope the same can be said for the new THIEF game, which so far from all the interviews with the developers sounds like they turned Thief into Assassin's Creed. Which is very fuckin bad for Thief since it's about stealth. Which Assassin's Creed is not. They also compared it to Skyrim which is the farthest thing from a stealth game you could ever possibly get.

I am reasonably worried. But I've been worried about reboots before. Deus Ex was a nice surprise and so far so is Tomb Raider.


In other news I made a Linkedin account and filled it with absolute tripe.
Just another day in the Zone.

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